A Moment of Togetherness (Willow Tree Cozy, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure)


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Capture a tender moment of family bonding with the Willow Tree Cozy sculpted figurine. This heartwarming scene depicts a loving adult embracing two young children under a cozy blanket—perfect for displaying in your home.

Crafted of hand-painted resin, this finely detailed sculpture reflects the warmth and intimacy of quality time spent together. The figurine shows an adult with wavy brown hair, dressed in a cream colored garment. She holds two children close to her heart, enveloping them in her arms and a light blue-gray blanket. Her expression is one of contentment and affection.

The body language of the adult and children suggests a nurturing relationship built on care and trust. Their pose hints at the pleasure of closeness—reading, playing, telling stories, sharing laughter and hugs. You can almost hear the murmur of their whispered exchanges and imagine the world they are creating together.

Artist Susan Lordi hand-carves the original of every Willow Tree piece in her Kansas City studio. Each one begins as her exclusive sculpture before being cast from her original and painted by hand. No two pieces are identical, making each one unique.

Lordi’s inspiration comes from her appreciation of shared emotional connections. Willow Tree sculptures convey sentiments like love, friendship, resilience, hope, healing, courage, forgiveness, and peace. They speak directly to the human spirit through their expressive gestures and minimalist style.

This high quality resin Willow Tree figure displays beautifully on its own. Place it on a shelf, tabletop, or mantel to brighten your living space. The neutral cream and blue-gray color scheme complements any decor. For gift-giving, consider pairing it with the Willow Tree Grandmother figurine.

Willow Tree sculptures make meaningful gifts for almost any occasion. They express your thoughts and feelings when words fall short. Display one in your home to remind yourself of what matters most. Let it evoke a sense of warmth, optimism, and familial bonds.

This cozy scene shares an uplifting message about intergenerational relationships. It celebrates the simple joy of being present together and making memories. Anytime you look at it, let it be a reminder to cherish your moments of closeness.

The figurine comes ready to display, measuring just 3.5” high. Keep the sculpture looking its best by occasionally dusting it gently with a soft brush or cloth. Avoid use of chemicals and abrasives.

Share comfort, encouragement, and togetherness with the Willow Tree Cozy resin sculpture. Let its endearing image of adult and child connections fill your heart with hope. Gather loved ones close and make the most of every moment you have.


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