Add Industrial Style Storage to Any Room with This Sturdy 3-Tier Pipe Shelf


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Tired of clutter taking over your home? Want an easy way to organize without sacrificing style? This industrial pipe shelf from YMYNY is the solution. With its rugged iron pipe frame and reclaimed wood shelves, this wall-mounted unit adds storage and decor to any space.

Rustic Industrial Design Makes a Statement

The clean lines and mixed materials of this shelving system give it a modern farmhouse vibe. The frame consists of durable iron pipes with a sleek black finish. The three shelves are made from authentic reclaimed wood, showing natural variation in the wood grain. Together, these elements create an urban industrial look that stands out.

Strong and Stable for Everyday Use

Though it has an airy, open design, this pipe shelf is incredibly sturdy. Each iron pipe can hold over 20 pounds, so the entire unit has a weight capacity of 66 pounds. Three tiers provide plenty of storage space without putting too much strain on the wall. Anti-slip mats keep items from sliding around on the smooth wood shelves.

Easy to Install in Just About Any Room

Mounting this shelf is a breeze. It comes with all the necessary hardware, including screws and drywall anchors. Simply mark the wall, pre-drill holes, and screw in the anchors. Attach the support pipes first, then slide on the shelves and adjust to the desired height. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes.

Hang this versatile shelf in the kitchen for cookbooks and spices. Let it add character to a bathroom by holding towels and toiletries. Make it a centerpiece in the entryway to corral keys, hats, and scarves. Place it in the living room to display photos and decor. Wherever you put it, this shelving unit makes excellent use of vertical wall space.

Organize Clutter While Adding Charm

Tired of propping books in messy piles that fall over? Is clutter taking over the kitchen counters? Get organized with this industrial pipe shelf. The three-tier design keeps items up off the floor and arranged neatly. Store framed photos, potted plants, and knickknacks to decorate without the disorder.

In the bathroom, use the shelves to neatly stack towels, toilet paper, and soap. The lower shelf can hold a decorative basket for additional storage. For the kitchen, keep cookbooks, cooking utensils, and canned goods organized. The towel bar is perfect for hanging dish towels or pot holders within arm’s reach.

Pipes and Wood Grain Add Rustic Texture

The mix of materials gives this shelf its signature look. The black iron pipes have a raw, industrial vibe. Meanwhile, the wood brings warmth and visual interest with its varied grain. Together, they strike the perfect rustic balance.

Both pipe and wood have a timeworn, weathered appearance that feels charmingly imperfect. The shelves bring a subtle texture and natural mood to soften any space. Let this shelf bring a cozy farmhouse or vintage factory feeling to your home.

Simple yet Statement-Making for Any Decor

With its neutral colors and simple design, this pipe shelf blends well with just about any style. The black iron has a bold, graphic look to stand out against light walls. The wood shelves coordinate beautifully with other natural materials and textures.

In a modern setting, this shelf brings an edgy, urban feel. For farmhouse decor, it provides familiar rustic ambiance. The industrial flair also works great in shabby chic, steampunk, or vintage spaces. Display this shelf proudly as a chic yet functional focal point.

Take Your Home Storage to New Heights

Don’t let clutter take over your home. This 3-tier iron pipe shelf creates storage space where you need it most – up and out of the way. The durable frame and reclaimed wood shelves hold dozens of items without sagging. Easy to install and full of industrial character, this wall-mounted unit saves floor space while organizing your home in style.

Bring order to chaos and display your stuff in the best light with this urban-inspired shelving system. The iron and wood design adds visual impact and functionality anywhere you need extra storage. Ditch the clutter and get organized with the industrial style of this pipe bracket shelf from YMYNY.


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