Add Sophisticated Sparkle to Your Walls with the XIHACTY Diamond Octagon Mirror Glass Wall Clock


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Bring an elegant and luxurious touch to any room in your home with the XIHACTY Diamond Octagon Mirror Glass Wall Clock. With its eye-catching geometric octagon shape framed by sparkling diamond accents, this decorative timepiece makes a glamorous statement wherever you hang it.

The clean and minimalist mirrored glass face allows the natural light in the room to bounce off it beautifully. The sleek silver frame with diamond-cut bevel edges encircles the smooth face, adding a touch of sophistication. Subtle but striking, this 20-inch wide clock effortlessly elevates your decor.

Hang it in your bedroom, above your dresser or nightstands, to add a touch of glitz and sophistication. The soothing non-ticking quartz mechanism allows for silent operation, making it the perfect bedroom clock that won’t disrupt your sleep. In your bathroom, let it complement your vanity and pull together your elegant decor.

In the dining room, allow it to be the focal point above a console table or buffet. The shimmering mirrored surface and diamond embellishments will catch the light and sparkle, making it an eye-catching statement piece. Place it in your home office as a beautiful and motivational reminder to make the most of your time.

With its versatility to blend into both classic and modern decors, this wall clock adds a special touch of elegance anywhere you display it.

Key Features:

– Handcrafted with Care

Each XIHACTY Diamond Octagon Wall Clock is handmade with care and attention to detail. Expert artisans intricately construct each piece, from shaping the durable octagon frame to embedding the subtle diamond accents along the beveled edges. Every stage of assembly is done meticulously by hand.

– Glamorous Mirrored Glass Face

At the center of this decorative clock lies an octagon-shaped mirrored glass face that subtly catches and reflects the light. The smooth glass surface almost seems to float within the diamond-accented frame. This unique design element adds an extra touch of sophistication.

– Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Movement

The XIHACTY Octagon Wall Clock operates using a precise and silent quartz movement. This non-ticking mechanism allows for peaceful operation, making it well-suited for bedrooms, living spaces, offices, and more. Never worry about being disturbed by loud ticking.

– Durable Construction

Expertly constructed using quality materials like durable engineered wood, silver-toned metal, and mirrored glass. The sturdy wooden frame provides longevity while the beveled glass face and chrome edges add style. Crafted to remain beautiful for years to come.

– Ideal Size

With an octagon-shaped face measuring 20 inches wide, this eye-catching wall clock makes a bold statement without being overpowering. The mid-scale size fits nicely in most home, office, or hospitality settings. Makes an impact without dominating the space.

– Easy to Mount

Mounting hardware is included for your convenience. Easily hang this mirror glass clock securely on the wall in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Display it alone or group it in a collection for added visual interest.

– Sophisticated Gift

Surprise someone special with the gift of luxurious, sparkling style. With its diamond and mirrored glass details, this octagon wall clock makes a sophisticated gift for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, holidays and more. It’s sure to be treasured.

– Satisfaction Guaranteed

XIHACTY wants you to be fully satisfied with your diamond octagon wall clock. That’s why we back it with a money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely happy, just contact us within 30 days of purchase to arrange a refund or replacement.

With its stunning geometric octagon shape adorned with diamond accents, the XIHACTY Mirrored Glass Wall Clock brings striking elegance and decorative flair to your home. The smooth, mirrored face shimmers gently while the silent quartz movement operates noise-free. An artful combination of style and function.

Order the XIHACTY Diamond Octagon Mirror Glass Wall Clock today and add a gorgeous focal point to your space! Note, batteries are not included.


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