Archangel Michael Statue – Triumph Over Evil


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Behold the archangel St. Michael, commander of the heavenly hosts, as he conquers evil in this striking 14.5” bronze-finished resin statue. Modeled after Guido Reni’s masterpiece painting, this highly detailed sculpture captures St. Michael with his foot firmly planted on a defeated Satan.

The archangel’s powerful wings stretch wide in a show of strength while he thrusts his spear downward. His muscular form represents the mighty warrior who championed good against the fallen angels.

Cast in premium resin and hand-painted in antique bronze finish, this collectible figurine has an aged, weathered look while preserving the incredible attention to detail. From the creases in St. Michael’s robes to the agony on Satan’s face, no feature is overlooked.

Whether you’re Catholic or simply appreciate representations of good triumphing over evil, this stunning work of art makes an inspirational gift for any occasion. For family, friends, or yourself, this museum-quality Michael the Archangel statue will make a striking addition to any home or office.

Let St. Michael watch over you as a constant reminder to have courage and stand firm in your faith. This breathtaking figurine captures one of the most powerful scenes in the Bible – the crucial moment when St. Michael defeats Satan and banishes evil.


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