Bring Home The Rustic Charm of Barnwood with This Stackable Wood Crate Set (3 Pieces)


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Add a touch of farmhouse flair to any space with this beautiful set of 3 rustic wood crates by Barnyard Designs. Crafted from solid wood and distressed to perfection, these wooden apple crates have a vintage-chic style that works in any home.

Nesting Crates Allow For Smart Storage and Display

The 3 crates in this bulk set are designed to nest within each other, allowing you to conserve space when not in use. When stacked, they take up the footprint of just one crate!

Keep them together for a cohesive display on a console table, mantel or kitchen countertop. Use the largest crate for storing blankets, the medium one for books or toys, and the smallest to corral remote controls and gadgets.

When you need to access items stored inside, simply lift off the top crate. The cutout handles make these wood crates easy to carry and rearrange wherever you need extra storage space.

Rustic Barn Wood Design Adds Farmhouse Charm

These beautiful handmade crates are stained in a rich brown finish and distressed to achieve a vintage, weathered look. The wood grain is visible through the stain, enhancing the reclaimed wood texture.

Barnyard Designs expertly crafts each crate with care to mimic the rustic style of antique apple crates used in farms, stables and barns. The charming distressed design infuses any space with farmhouse inspiration.

Use them to hold apples or fruit on a kitchen island or dining table. Let them lend a touch of the great outdoors to a porch or patio. The vintage vibe fits right in with shabby chic, French country or rustic lodge décor.

Multi-Purpose Wooden Crates For Every Room

This set of rectangular crates is ideal for adding organized storage or stylish display to any room:

Living Room: Stash remotes, controllers and game pieces in the small crate. Use the others to hold blankets, books and media accessories. The nested crates keep a messy coffee table looking neat and tidy.

Kitchen: Corral spices, packaged goods or baking essentials in these farmhouse-chic crates. They’re perfect for holding fruits and vegetables on the countertop or table.

Bedroom: Use these wooden boxes to organize accessories like hats, scarves or hair care tools on a dresser. Let the large crate hold extra pillows and blankets at the end of the bed.

Office: The rectangular crates are ideal for stashing office supplies and hiding cords. Stack them as rustic desktop riser storage to display decor.

Bathroom: Hold folded towels, toiletries and self-care products in these storage crates. Their water-resistant wooden construction makes them ideal for damp areas.

Patio & Porch: Take the crates outside to hold gardening tools and supplies. On the porch, let them hold cushions, blankets and outdoor decor items.

Handcrafted Details & Durable Wood Construction

These wooden storage boxes are handcrafted from solid wood for lasting durability and charm. The distressed finish gives them a well-loved, vintage appeal.

Barnyard Designs sands and finishes each crate by hand, adding charming variation between each set. Subtle weathering and nicks enhance the reclaimed, recycled wood look. The visible wood grain provides rustic, natural texture.

The rectangular crates securely nest into each other thanks stacked rabbet joinery edges. This allows the crates to remain stacked even when jostled or moved. Built-in handles and finger holes make the crates easy to lift and carry.

With proper care, these wood crate will provide years of sturdy use. The durable construction has weight capacities of 22 pounds, 17.5 pounds and 15.5 pounds. Avoid submerging in water or placing in direct sunlight to preserve the finish.

Versatile Sizes For Optimal Use & Display

With a set of 3 decreasing sizes, you get great options for use and display. The dimensions make them easy to carry and stack almost anywhere:

Large Crate:
16” length x 12.5” width x 5.5” height
Great for storing large blankets and bulky items. Provides ample display area on a tabletop.

Medium Crate:
14.5” length x 11” width x 5.25” height

Perfect mid-size box for books, office supplies, toys and more. Fits nicely on console tables and counters.

Small Crate:
12.5” length x 9.5” width x 5” height
Compact size for remotes, gadgets, toiletries and accessories. Easy to tuck onto shelves or desktops.

With this handy 3-piece set, you get great stackable storage and display options for every room. The beautiful craftsmanship adds farmhouse country style wherever you place them.

Buy With Confidence

Barnyard Designs offers a 1-year warranty against defects in these Made in India crates. Realize the full potential of these rustic wood boxes. Buy now to get the farmhouse storage option with the most style and function.


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