Bring the Beauty of Succulents Into Your Home Without the Work with Tigeen’s Realistic Artificial Faux Succulents (80-Piece Set)


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Succulents are having a major moment right now. Their funky shapes, lush colors, and minimal care requirements make them the perfect low-maintenance houseplant. But keeping real succulents looking their best can be tricky. With Tigeen’s 80-piece set of realistic artificial succulents, you can have beautiful, vibrant succulents in your home without worrying about watering, sunlight, or pest control.

This expansive set includes 80 mixed faux succulents in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each succulent is hand-crafted from durable PVC that looks and feels just like the real thing with delicate textured leaves and stems. Whether you’re looking to create a desert oasis, quirky centerpiece, or just add a pop of greenery to your home, this set allows you to design the perfect succulent display.

An Impressive Mix of Vibrant Colors and Unique Shapes

Tigeen’s 80-piece set includes a diverse array of colors and shapes so you can mix-and-match to create the perfect arrangement. Bold aeoniums in purple, green, and red sit alongside rosettes in soothing shades of blue, pink, yellow, and orange. Interspersed between them are jade plants, snake plants, and a variety of echeverias and agaves of different sizes. Each succulent replicates the subtle nuances of real succulent varieties with detailed painted textures and shading.

The assortment allows you to experiment with colors, heights, shapes, and textures just like a real succulent collection. Group succulents by color to make a statement or opt for a wild mix of shapes and sizes for an eclectic look. With 80 succulents to work with, you’ll enjoy creating endless combinations.

Realistic Details Fool the Eye

At first glance, you’d swear these succulents are the real deal. Tigeen’s faux succulents are hand-painted with meticulous detail to capture the true-to-life look of natural succulents. Tiny bumps, ridges, lines, and shading recreate the delicate intricacies of each variety. Jade plants and echeverias have lightly textured leaves, while aeoniums and sempervivums showcase subtle color variations. Even the tips of the leaves show signs of natural wear and tear.

The colors are specially mixed to mimic lush, vibrant greens and vivid pops found in healthy live plants. Unlike cheaper plastic succulents, Tigeen’s succulents don’t have that harsh, fake sheen that gives them away as artificial. As a finishing touch, the cut ends of each succulent stem are painted to match the inner color of real succulent stems. Every detail is tended to for a truly realistic look.

Durable and Long-Lasting

While live succulents wither easily, Tigeen’s faux succulents are built to last. Each succulent is constructed from durable PVC that stands up well to daily wear and tear. Their sturdy stems and leaves won’t get crushed or easily damaged. No need to worry about pet damage or rough handling with kids. These high-quality artificial succulents will maintain their beauty and realism for years to come.

The succulents retain their shape, color, and texture beautifully without the work required for real plants. No more worries about dying plants or constant upkeep. These carefree faux succulents look pristine whether they sit in a sunny window or a dark corner. Their lifelike colors won’t fade from sun exposure and their sturdy construction prevents flopping or damage.

Decorate with Ease

Tigeen’s artificial succulents unlock unlimited possibilities for decorating your home or office. Free from soil, planters, and watering requirements, you can showcase these faux succulents anywhere. Arrange succulent wreaths, centerpieces, terrariums, wall displays, candle rings, and more without making a mess.

Group succulents together on console tables, bookshelves, and window sills or nestle them among houseplants for a pop of color. Use hot glue to attach succulents to candle holders, photo frames, vases, and other DIY projects. The small size and lightweight nature of the succulents allows you to explore creative new ways to show off their beauty.

Perfect for Any Decor Style

With their clean lines, modern appeal, and effortless vibe, succulents compliment nearly any decor style beautifully. The assorted colors and textures of Tigeen’s mixed succulent set meshes nicely with boho, mid-century, industrial, minimalist, and eclectic decors. Add a touch of greenery to farmhouse tables or go bold with full succulent centerpieces and arrangements. Their versatility allows you to incorporate succulents in ways that enhance your personal decor taste.

A Thoughtful Gift

Do you have a friend obsessed with succulents or interested in adding more greenery to their home? Give them the gift of beautiful faux succulents without the pressure and maintenance of real plants. Tigeen’s mixed succulent set arrives ready for gifting in a reusable bulk pack for easy transport. Add a ribbon or bow and a cute planter pulled from your friend’s decor for a thoughtful gift they’ll appreciate.

With minimal effort, Tigeen’s realistic artificial succulents offer maximum decor impact and enjoyment. Bring the beauty of a lush succulent garden into your home without worrying about plant care again.


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