Bring the Luxury of a Spa into Your Own Shower with the Waterpik Slide Rail Hand Held Shower Head


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Imagine stepping into your shower each morning and being greeted by a warm, invigorating rainfall pouring over you. Now imagine having the versatility to switch over to a targeted, therapeutic massage spray with just the press of a button. The Waterpik Slide Rail Hand Held Shower Head makes this a reality, delivering a truly customizable shower experience right in your own home.

With its innovative dual shower head design, this shower system provides the best of both worlds. The extra-large 7 inch diameter rain shower head overhead covers your whole body with wide, even water coverage for that luxurious spa feeling. Meanwhile, the hand held shower head attached to a 20 inch slide rail gives you the flexibility to direct water just where you want it. Easily slide the hand shower up and down to accommodate all heights and angles. The 6 foot metal hose provides ample reach for bathing kids and pets or conveniently cleaning the shower walls.

Putting you in complete control, the Waterpik Slide Rail Hand Held Shower Head offers 15 total spray settings between the two shower heads. Choose from a relaxing rainfall, invigorating massage jets, a cooling mist spray, and more. The star of the show is the patented PowerPulse massage setting, which provides double the spray force of standard shower heads. This intense concentrated spray penetrates deep to soothe sore muscles, increase flexibility, and promote restful sleep. Say goodbye to unsatisfying showers that leave you still feeling tense and tight. The powerful percussive spray of the PowerPulse massage will have you feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Both shower heads feature Waterpik’s innovative flow control technology. This allows you to control the water flow from each head independently, optimizing your water usage. Conserve water when using just the hand shower, or indulge in the full rainfall spray when you want that total body immersion.

With an elegant chrome finish and modern design, this shower system is sure to elevate the look of any shower space. The extra-flexible 6 foot stainless steel hose moves freely without irritating kinks. Installation takes just minutes with the included adhesive tape. No drilling into your shower walls required! All necessary mounting hardware is in the box.

Give yourself the gift of a spa-quality shower every single day with the Waterpik Slide Rail Hand Held Shower Head. The customizable dual shower heads and powerful massage settings are like having your own personal masseuse and rain room at home. Start your mornings relaxed and refreshed, and unwind after a long day with a therapeutic soak. Your body will thank you!


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