Celebrate True Love with Willow Tree’s Around You Cake Topper


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Love is one of life’s greatest gifts. For decades, Willow Tree has helped people cherish their most heartfelt connections through intimate designs that capture the essence of closeness. Now, the brand’s Around You cake topper brings Willow Tree’s signature style to one of life’s sweetest celebrations: the union of two souls.

Lovingly Handcrafted to Treasure
This two-piece resin sculpture depicts a couple seated across from one another, heads tilted together in a tender moment as their hands meet in the space between. The woman’s graceful frame is draped in a flowing cream-colored dress, while her partner wears a cream shirt and dark pants – timeless looks that capture the beauty of the occasion.

Both figures have Willow Tree’s signature matte finish that adds softness and warmth to the scene. And no detail has been overlooked – from the woman’s delicately flushed cheeks to the tiny creases in the man’s pants. Each set is hand-painted by Willow Tree’s team of artists to achieve a natural, realistic effect.

The base below blooms with carved white roses, adding natural elegance while also providing sturdy support for cake placement. And the included sentiment card with “…just the nearness of you” inscribed ties the whole gift together in a heartfelt package.

At 5.5 inches tall, this topper is sized just right for any cake, cupcake, or dessert display. The neutral cream coloring blends seamlessly with any wedding or anniversary color scheme. And the classic design is sure to touch the hearts of all who see it, becoming a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Designed to Adorn Your Special Day
As you plan the details of your special celebration, this cake topper will be the crowning touch that brings sincere meaning and romance. Available exclusively from Willow Tree, the Around You topper carries on the brand’s tradition of capturing authentic human emotions and connections.

For over 40 years, artist Susan Lordi has hand-carved each original sculpture that goes on to inspire every Willow Tree piece. Each one tells a unique story of love, closeness, healing or remembrance that resonates with people across generations.

The Around You cake topper is no different. The tender affection between the couple evokes the wonder of finding one’s soulmate – that special person who makes you feel whole. Ms. Lordi’s artistic vision comes through in the smallest nuances that say so much about this relationship and the depth of their bond.

From marriage proposals to anniversaries, retirements, birthdays or any milestone, the Around You cake topper is perfect for honoring your own lifelong love. The elegant keepsake will hold treasured memories of the special day for years to come.

Designed to Treasure
Willow Tree is committed to creating heirlooms that bring enduring value and meaning. This cake topper is carefully crafted to last beyond the wedding or anniversary itself:

Lead-free, food-safe resin with Willow Tree’s signature matte finish
Hand-painted detailing provides realistic, intimate look
Sturdy carved white rose base for cake stability
Packaged in a fitted box ideal for gifting or collecting
The resin construction ensures durability while the lead-free, food-safe materials make it safe for contact with baked goods. And the hand-painted artistry will maintain its beauty season after season. Gift givers can be confident that this collector’s piece will provide lasting enjoyment.

For Optimal Care: wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth, avoiding harsh chemicals. Do not submerge in water. Store in box when not on display.

Capture Your Unique Love Story
The Around You cake topper translates beautifully to any wedding style or anniversary theme. A few ideas to consider:

Rustic Wedding:
Nestle this hand-carved artwork atop a naked woodgrain cake for an earthy, organic feel. Natural elements like flowers, vines and wood rounds will complement the realistic vibe.

Boho Wedding:
Let it adorn a light, airy cake topped with fresh blooms in creams and pale pinks. Accents like macramé and greenery are perfect for a dreamy boho style.

Classic Wedding:
Perch this timeless sculpture on an elegant cake frosted in pearl white. Gilding, lace and pearls will give a traditional, sophisticated look.

Seaside Wedding:
Display it on a cake with breezy aqua ombré tones. Sand, shells and airy fabrics will enhance the beachfront beauty.

There are so many possibilities for building a unique cake vision around this beloved topper. The universal depiction of love makes it a meaningful focal point for any style.

Celebrate Your Love with Willow Tree
For decades, Willow Tree has focused on life’s most meaningful moments. Sculptural designs capture human emotions and connections in intimate detail, helping people honor what matters most. Now with the Around You cake topper, Willow Tree makes it easier than ever to infuse heartfelt significance into your wedding or anniversary.

This small yet exquisite artwork will remind you and your guests of love’s immeasurable depth and wonder. Let it adorn your cake on the special day, then treasure it for years to come. Whenever you see this smiling couple, you’ll relive the magic of your own soulmate bond.

Bring home this ceremonial masterpiece to commemorate your enduring love for generations to come. Because even life’s sweetest moments fade in time – but true devotion is eternal.


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