Comfy Eco-Friendly Meditation Cushion – Buckwheat Hull Filled Pillow Supports Spine Alignment with Knee Mats & Convenient Carry Bag


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Find Your Zen with the Syrinx Meditation Cushion, the Mindfully Designed Zafu for Complete Comfort and Correct Posture Alignment During Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness Practices.

Designed for Sustainability

At Syrinx, we believe mindfulness starts with environmental consciousness. That’s why our meditation cushion is fashioned using eco-friendly and recyclable materials to minimize its carbon footprint.

The outer cover is made from recycled polyester that is gentle on skin and has a slight stretch to conform to your body’s natural contours. The inner lining utilizes recycled plastic bottles that create a durable yet breathable barrier. And the buckwheat hull filler comes directly from nature, providing an all-natural meditation experience.

Even the carry bag is environmentally friendly, crafted from recycled cotton canvas. Every component is carefully selected to benefit both you and the planet.

Ergonomic Shape Supports Proper Posture

With its angled V-shape design, the Syrinx meditation cushion elevates your hips to properly align your spine. This relieves pressure on your back and knees, enhancing comfort so you can sit longer.

The sloped sides cradle thighs while keeping them slightly apart to allow for half and full lotus positions. Your pelvis tilts forward into the proper meditation posture with minimal effort.

The two included knee cushions give added support during seiza style sitting. Their triangular shape fits comfortably under knees when sitting on your feet.

Fully Customizable Buckwheat Hull Filler

Inside the outer cover, buckwheat hulls conform to your body’s shape and evenly distribute weight. These natural hulls support up to 300 pounds yet remain lightweight for portability.

Thanks to the double zipper liner, you can easily add or remove filler to adjust the cushion’s height and firmness. Customize it based on your flexibility, sitting style, and personal preference.

The hull filling also enables air circulation to keep you cool during longer sessions. And its malleable nature means excellent shock absorption.

Easy to Assemble and Disassemble

With its smart design, the Syrinx meditation cushion provides exceptional portability for active yogis and zen travelers.

Robust plastic buckles connect with polyester straps to swiftly secure the cover around the filler. Simply reverse the process to dismantle within seconds.

The attached shoulder strap lets you transport your zafu cushion hands-free. Take it to the studio, meditation retreats, or outdoor in nature. Wherever your practice takes you, this cushion comes too.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for your Syrinx meditation cushion is refreshingly easy. Both the outer cover and inner lining feature zippers so you can remove them before washing.

To clean, machine wash the cover, lining, knee cushions, straps, and carry bag in cold water on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.

The buckwheat hull filler should not be machine washed but aired and sun dried every three months to remove moisture.

With basic maintenance, your cushion will support comfortable and mindful sits for years to come. An occasional reshaping may be needed as the hulls take shape.

Invest in a Sustainable Meditation Practice

Sitting in silence and awareness is transformative for mind, body, and soul. With the Syrinx meditation cushion, you can reap these benefits in greater comfort.

Its eco-conscious design provides proper spinal alignment and customizable support for deeper sits. The convenient portability lets you bring mindfulness wherever you go.

Give your meditation practice an elevated foundation that’s kind to both you and the environment. The Syrinx zafu cushion helps you find your zen.


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