Create Magnificent Centerpiece Displays with This Elegant Glass Cylinder Vase Set


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Decorate your home or event venue in sophisticated style with this complete glass cylinder vase set. With 12 beautifully crafted cylinder vases, 24 long-lasting floating candles, 80000 water filler beads, 6 pearl garland strings, and more, you’ll have everything needed to design breathtaking centerpieces for tables, counters, windowsills, and more.

3 Sizes of Graceful Glass Vases for Customizable Arrangements

This set includes 12 clear glass cylinder vases in 3 different sizes, allowing you to mix and match for varied height displays. The smallest vases stand approximately 4.72 inches tall with a 2.56 inch diameter. The midsize vase measures 5.91 inches tall by 2.56 inches wide. Finally, the large vases have a height of about 7.87 inches and the same 2.56 inch width. With this range of sizes, you can create cohesive yet unique arrangements for an artful look.

80000 Clear Gel Beads Fill Vases with Dazzling Suspended Effects

To fill the vases with a showstopping suspended element, 8 packs of beads are included. Each pack contains 10000 smooth clear gel beads measuring approximately 0.07 inch. When placed in water, the beads expand to around 0.39 inch for a gorgeous transparent effect. They add body and interest to basic water while allowing candles and other design elements to stand out.

24 Floating Candles Create Warm, Romantic Ambiance

For a touch of flickering elegance, this vase set includes 24 white floating candles made of quality paraffin wax. Each candle burns for approximately 120 minutes when placed on water. Nestle these candles among the clear filler beads and other decorations to infuse soft, welcoming glow. They’re ideal for enhancing the ambiance at weddings, anniversaries, date nights, holiday meals, and more.

6 Artificial Pearl Garlands Provide Timeless Finishing Detail

In addition to the candles and beads, 6 shimmering pearl garlands lend a touch of sophistication. Each string measures approximately 51.18 inches in length and can be cut to your desired size. Drape them gracefully around vase rims or float sections in the water. The pearly sheen complements both classic and modern spaces.

Endless Centerpiece Design Options for Homes & Events

With multiple sizes of glass vases, floating candles, filler beads, and pearl strings, the decorating possibilities are endless. Create holiday centerpieces with warm candle glow or fill vases with spring blooms for a fresh look. Group assorted sizes down banquet tables for weddings and gatherings. Arrange matching sets on sideboards, console tables, or mantels for an elegant appearance.

Easy Set-Up Lets You Switch Up Styles Quickly

It’s simple to put these stylish centerpieces together. Just add the filler beads to your vases and pour in water to let them expand. Place candles on top of the beads and light them carefully. Then artfully arrange pearl strands and any additional floral or decor. Switch out design elements to match changing seasons or occasions.

Durable Packaging Protects Glassware During Shipping

Each delicate vase is securely wrapped in a custom thick Styrofoam insert and packaged in a cardboard box to prevent breakage during shipping. Take care when removing vases to avoid damage. In the unlikely event that a vase arrives broken, we provide prompt replacements or refunds.

Create Lasting Memories with Beautiful Centerpieces

Make a statement at your next gathering with elegant glass vases, romantic floating candles, shimmering beads, and graceful pearl garlands. This complete set equips you to design dazzling centerpieces for holidays, weddings, date nights, and everyday enjoyment. Surprise your guests with stunning arrangements and create lasting memories with each use.


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