Discover True Rest with the WEST LAKE Chambray Blue Pinch Pleated Full Blackout Curtains


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Tired of waking up at the crack of dawn from sunlight pouring into your bedroom? Searching for an easy and stylish way to block out light for a better night’s sleep? Look no further than the WEST LAKE Chambray Blue Pinch Pleated Full Blackout Curtains.

These high-quality blackout curtains effortlessly transform your space into a sleep sanctuary, providing the dark, peaceful environment you need for deep, uninterrupted rest. The rich chambray blue color adds a touch of style while also effectively blocking 100% of outside light.

Customizable Blackout Design for Every Room

The WEST LAKE blackout curtains come in a standard 36″ width x 84″ length, with each set including two curtain panels. Custom sizes are also available upon request to fit the unique needs of your windows and rooms.

Hang these stylish curtains in the bedroom for nighttime darkness. Use them in the living room or media room for daytime TV watching or gaming. Or install them in the nursery to help your little one nap better during the day. Wherever you need total light blockage, these curtains deliver.

Innovative Construction for Complete Blackout

These curtains are specially constructed to stop light in its tracks. The chambray blue fabric has a luxuriously soft, textured feel. But it also contains an eco-friendly backing coated to prevent any daylight from sneaking in. The thermal weave material further blocks UV rays and helps insulate your room.

Once you draw these curtains closed, it will look like nighttime behind them – even if the sun is blazing outside. The room-darkening design creates the perfect environment for sleeping in or just relaxing without glare or shadows.

3 Convenient Hanging Options

Installing your new blackout curtains is a breeze with the included hanging options. Each set comes with 18 metal grommets hooks to easily hang on a standard curtain rod.

You also have the choice of using the built-in back tabs, which conveniently slip right onto your curtain rod for instant blackout. Or use your own preferred clips if you want to customize the hanging style.

No matter which option you choose, these energy-efficient curtains hang beautifully on their own or can be incorporated into your existing window treatments.

Protect Furnishings from Harmful Rays

These West Lake blackout curtain panels go beyond just preventing light from entering a room. The innovative construction also provides protection from the sun’s UV rays, which can damage furnishings, artwork, flooring and more over time.

The extra-durable thermal weave adds an insulating layer to help keep rooms stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. This saves on energy bills and protects valuables from the effects of temperature extremes.

By fully blocking outside light and UV rays, these stylish blackout curtains create a protective barrier between your interiors and the elements. Keep everything from furniture to floors looking their best for years to come.

Easy Maintenance Polyester Fabric

The WEST LAKE blackout curtains are made from 100% high-quality polyester. This durable, wrinkle-resistant fabric looks crisp and tailored even after washing. It has an elegant drape and textured appearance that pairs well with any style of decor.

Caring for these curtains is effortless. Simply machine wash cold on a gentle cycle and tumble dry low. To keep the pleats looking sharp, iron the front of the panels on low heat as needed. Avoid ironing the back coated side of the curtains.

With easy care and long-lasting construction, these are blackout curtains built to enhance your home for years of consistent darkness and insulation.

Sleep Better with Complete Light Blockage

Transform any space into a sleep sanctuary with the game-changing light blockage of the WEST LAKE Chambray Blue Blackout Curtains. Experience the difference total darkness can make as you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and revived.

The rich chambray blue color will provide the perfect undertone to any room while creating the ideal restful environment. Enjoy a better night’s sleep, daytime privacy and protection from the sun’s UV rays with these versatile blackout curtain panels.


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