Display Your Favorite Tee in Style with the Innovative Umbra TFrame T-Shirt Frame


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Treat your favorite graphic tee like the work of art it is with the cleverly designed Umbra TFrame T-Shirt Frame. This innovative display frame is specially shaped to hold a t-shirt, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind wall hanging that preserves the iconic tee silhouette.

Celebrate Your Passions and Interests

The Umbra TFrame allows you to proudly put your favorite t-shirt on display for all to see. Frame up that rare band tour shirt from your rebellious youth. Show off a priceless sports jersey handed down from your dad. Or transform a humorous graphic tee into an eye-catching piece of wall art.

With its simple yet brilliant design, the TFrame frame lets you celebrate the shirts that reflect your passions, interests, and personal style. It’s the perfect way to honor memorabilia, while also adding a cool decorative element to any room.

Built for T-Shirts of All Shapes and Sizes

No matter what size or shape your treasured tee is, the Umbra TFrame has you covered. This innovative frame comes in small, medium and large sizes so you can display petite junior sizes, standard men’s shirts, or oversized graphic tees with equal ease.

The included folding template keeps your shirt looking crisp and wrinkle-free. Just pop your tee into the guide, fold in the sleeves and bottom hem, and slide it into the frame. The soft padded backing protects your shirt while keeping it securely in place.

Make a Bold Visual Statement

With its defined tee-shirt silhouette, the Umbra TFrame makes a bold visual statement as wall art. The high-contrast shape grabs the eye, while the contents of the shirt tell a story or express what you love.

Hang a funny tee in a den, man-cave or she-shed for a dose of humor. Display a retro concert tee in a music room or teen bedroom. Or use a collection of personalized shirts to decorate a locker room, dorm room or basement hang-out spot.

Wherever it’s displayed, the Umbra TFrame T-Shirt Frame transforms your tee from casual wear into a work of art to appreciate for years to come.

Artistically Displayed in a Design-Forward Frame

The Umbra TFrame doesn’t just display your tee – it becomes part of the art itself. The frame’s clean, contemporary design features sleek chamfered edges and precisely mitered corners.

Built from durable molded ABS plastic, the TFrame has a smooth, high-gloss finish that beautifully showcases your shirt. Flat sides and a thin depth provide an artful, minimalist look.

This innovative product even has an artistic origin story. The Umbra TFrame resulted from Umbra’s 2012 design competition held in collaboration with Pratt Institute’s School of Design. Out of many creative entries, the TFrame concept by designers Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra was chosen as the stand-out winner.

Proudly Made by the Design Innovators at Umbra

Umbra is known worldwide for continually redefining everyday products with original, contemporary designs. For over 40 years, Umbra has introduced thousands of innovative products that combine clever function with artistic flair.

Umbra’s team of industrial designers hail from diverse backgrounds around the globe. Their creativity and vision have earned Umbra over 100 design awards. With relentless originality, Umbra elevates everyday items into works of art for your life at home.

Bring out the artistic side of your favorite tee with the Umbra TFrame T-Shirt Frame. Display it with pride or give one as an inspiring gift to the t-shirt fanatic in your life. Umbra stands behind it with a 5-year warranty. Click Add to Cart to get this must-have modern wall art piece for your home today!


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