Easily Achieve Flawless Makeup Application with This Versatile Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror


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Achieving flawless makeup application requires proper lighting and magnification. Our Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror provides everything you need for applying makeup with precision and seeing your true complexion. With adjustable LED lighting, 10x magnification, and an extendable arm, this wall mounted mirror is the ultimate makeup applying accessory.

See Every Detail with 10X Magnification

The back of our lighted makeup mirror features a 10x magnification panel. Get an up-close view so you can precisely apply eyeliner and lipstick. Tweeze eyebrows with confidence knowing you can see every hair. The 10x magnifying side shows details other mirrors miss so you can achieve truly flawless makeup application.

1X View Shows Your Entire Face

The front 1x magnification panel allows you to see your entire face while applying makeup. Check that your foundation matches your neck and décolletage. See how your eyeshadow complements your eye shape. Ensure your lip color suits your skin tone. The 1x view is perfect for an overall assessment of your look.

Adjustable Warm, Cool, and Daylight LED Lights

Proper lighting is essential for applying flattering makeup. Our lighted mirror features adjustable LED lights in warm, cool, and daylight temperatures. Tap to toggle between the three lighting modes to see how your makeup looks under different lighting conditions. Press and hold to dim or brighten the bulbs. Get the perfect lighting for flawless makeup every time.

360° Swivel and Extendable Arm

The extendable arm and 360° swivel allow you to position our wall mounted makeup mirror exactly where you need it. Adjust the height and angle to reduce glare and shadows. Pull the arm nearer when using the magnifying side for detail work. Raise it higher when applying makeup to your whole face. The flexibility makes makeup application easy and comfortable.

Large 9 Inch Mirror

Our mirror features a spacious 9 inch diameter lens, providing ample surface area to see your entire face. The generous size also prevents your view from being interrupted by the frame, so you can see yourself clearly. Large makeup mirrors help you achieve an evenly blended look by allowing you to see everything at once.

Automatically Turns Off After 30 Minutes

The mirror will automatically shut off 30 minutes after the last touch to prevent wasting power. Never worry about accidentally leaving it on after you leave the house. The auto shutoff provides peace of mind that your mirror won’t run up your electricity bill.

Easy Wall Mount Installation

Mounting our makeup mirror is simple. Use the included hardware to securely fasten the sturdy metal plate to your wall. Then insert the mirror assembly onto the plate. Leveling screws help you adjust for uneven walls. Detailed instructions and mounting template guarantee frustration-free installation.

High Quality Construction

The mirror frame, swivel arm, and mounting plate feature solid steel construction with a sleek chrome finish. Multi-layer electroplating prevents rust and withstands humidity. The unbreakable acrylic reflective panel stays clear and true. Sturdy spring loaded joints provide smooth adjustability. Our makeup mirror withstands rigorous daily use.

The Perfect Gift for Any Woman

Give the gift of flawless makeup with our lighted vanity mirror. The 10x magnification, adjustable lighting, and large viewing area help women look their best every day. She’ll appreciate the convenience of the wall mount and space-saving foldable design. Upgrade her beauty routine with this all-in-one makeup mirror!

We Stand Behind Our Product

We provide a 60 day money back guarantee so you can purchase with confidence. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We also include a 1 year replacement warranty to cover any manufacturer defects. Our helpful customer service team is ready to assist if any issues arise.

Get the Perfect Makeup Mirror Now

Achieve picture perfect makeup every time with our Wall Mounted Lighted Makeup Mirror. The 10x magnification shows fine details. Adjustable LED lights prevent shadows and imitation. An extendable arm provides flexibility. Large 9 inch lens gives you the full picture. Click Add to Cart now to get beautiful makeup results!


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