Elegant Wooden Urn for Ashes


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Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. While nothing can make the grieving process simple, choosing a beautiful and dignified final resting place can provide some comfort. Our Elegant Wooden Urn for Ashes is crafted with care to be a touching tribute for your cherished family member or friend.

Handmade from durable MDF wood, this graceful urn has a rich walnut finish lending it a look of understated elegance. Shaped in a classic urn silhouette, it stands approximately 10 inches high with a diameter of 6 inches – ideal for holding the ashes of an adult. The rounded design is pleasing to the eye while still having plenty of volume for ashes.

Both the exterior and interior of the urn are lacquered for a sleek, polished appearance. This also protects the urn from minor scuffs and scratches, ensuring it maintains its refined look for years to come. Decorative grooved lines encircle the urn, providing subtle ornamentation and visual interest.

The threaded lid screws on securely to keep the ashes protected. Lifting the lid reveals a simple inner container made of wood composite material. This can be easily removed to place the ashes inside at the funeral home or crematory.

Made specifically to hold cremated remains, this dignified urn can be used for either burial or keeping ashes at home. The elegant design makes it suitable for display on a mantle or shelf so you can keep your loved one’s memory close. It can also be safely stored in a columbarium niche.

If you choose burial, this composite wood urn will not degrade like raw wood, allowing it to withstand being underground without warp or decay. It makes a meaningful urn for cemeteries that require vaults or grave liners.

Our Composite Wooden Urn comes carefully packaged in a gift box so it arrives ready for use. No assembly is required – simply remove from the packaging and load the cremains inside.

Honor your special person with a thoughtful, dignified final resting place. Order the Elegant Wooden Urn for Ashes today.

Product Details:

  • Handmade from durable MDF composite wood
  • Rich walnut finish with polished lacquer
  • Classic urn shape, 10″ high x 6″ diameter
  • Holds ashes of one adult
  • Decorative grooved lines encircle the urn
  • Threaded lid screws on securely
  • Includes removable inner container
  • Ideal for burial or home display
  • Arrives packaged in a gift box

Honor a loved one with the perfect final tribute. Order the Elegant Wooden Urn for Ashes today.


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