Everlasting Love Figurine by Willow Tree


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Celebrate a special bond that will last a lifetime with the Willow Tree You and Me figurine. This beautiful sculpted piece depicts the tender embrace of a couple, capturing a quiet moment of affection and devotion.

The woman stands behind the seated man, her arms wrapped lovingly around his neck as she leans in close. Their pose speaks volumes about the depth of their connection and the comfort they find in one another. Subtle details like the woman’s billowing dress and the man’s relaxed posture add to the sense of ease and intimacy.

With its minimalist style, this Willow Tree figure allows you to project your own thoughts and memories onto the piece. Display it somewhere special in your home as a romantic gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any time you want to celebrate an enduring relationship.

Each You and Me figurine is hand-carved by Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City, MO. She sculpted the original that this piece was cast from, then painted it by hand, making each one unique. At 7 inches high, it has an ideal size for displaying on mantels, shelves, side tables, desks and more.

The neutral, earthy colors of the figures’ clothing and hair allow them to blend into any decor. Their peaceful, heartwarming pose will touch you every time you look at them. Friends and family who see the Willow Tree couple in your home will be able to sense the love you share.

What Makes This Willow Tree Sculpture Special:

Depicts an intimate moment between a couple with a sweet, romantic pose
Beautiful, minimalist design allows you to interpret your own meaning into the piece
Hand-carved and painted by Susan Lordi in her Kansas City studio
Crafted from durable resin with natural, neutral colors
Ideal 7-inch size for displaying in multiple areas of your home
Makes a thoughtful gift for weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and more
Captures the strong, enduring bond shared by two soulmates

The enclosed card has the touching sentiment “Every day, building on our love” printed on it. This meaningful quote perfectly captures what this sculpture represents – an everlasting love that grows stronger with each passing day.

Willow Tree has been creating meaningful figurines and sculptures since Susan Lordi founded the company in 2000. She crafts each piece with the intention of conveying emotions that words cannot capture. Each one tells a story of love, closeness, healing and hope that viewers can interpret through their own experiences.

The You and Me couple makes a wonderful addition to any Willow Tree collection. Pair it with other romantic sculptures like Embrace or Close to Me for an impactful display. It also makes a thoughtful wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or holiday gift for:

Newlyweds or couples celebrating a milestone anniversary
Long-distance relationships
Spouses or partners
Parents, grandparents and other cherished family members
Close friends
Someone recovering from an illness or loss

Where to Display This Meaningful Sculpture:

On the mantel or hearth surrounded by wedding or engagement photos
A bookshelf in the bedroom
Side table next to the bed
On the entryway table when given as a gift
Office desk or credenza
Kitchen window sill above the sink
Dining table centerpiece surrounded by candles, flowers or greenery

The You and Me couple holding onto each other represents a bond of affection, comfort, safety and limitless love. Let this meaningful piece serve as a reminder of the power of enduring love and connection in your life or as a gift to honor those special relationships.


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