Experience the Magic of Ullo Purified Wine with this Revolutionary Wine Purifier


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Taste wine as it was meant to be with the Ullo Wine Purifier. This innovative wine accessory removes sulfites and histamines while restoring natural flavors and aromas. Wave goodbye to wine headaches and embrace the enchanting world of preservative-free vino.

The Ullo Wine Purifier is the magic wand every wine lover needs in their barware collection. Unlike other wine aerators on the market, the Ullo goes beyond simple aeration. This patented selective sulfite filter technology eliminates bitter sulfite preservatives while keeping the wine’s unique natural compounds intact. Sulfite-free wine reveals astonishing new dimensions of taste and aroma.

Purify Any White, Red or Rosé Wine with Ease

Ullo works with all varietals – purify bold Cabernet Sauvignons, delicate Rieslings, or refreshing Rosés. The sleek, intuitive design allows you to experience the wonders of purified wine in seconds. Simply place Ullo atop your wine glass, pour and enjoy!

The Ullo filter cartridge conveniently rests inside the purifier. It contains 4 selective sulfite filters that get to work removing sulfites and histamines as the wine flows through. This is the secret behind Ullo’s magic – selective filtration that targets only unhealthy preservatives.

Discover New Flavors and Aromas

Free from the bitterness and astringency of added sulfites, wine opens up to reveal its true character. Fruit notes become more vibrant, earthy qualities shine through, and the sweetness feels smooth as velvet. Minerality sparkles, while bolder tannins and oak elements feel lush and integrated. Ullo wine is alive with flavor and nuance.

Not only do sulfites mask a wine’s natural flavors, they are also a common source of wine headaches. Ullo’s sulfite removal restores wine’s true essence and lets you enjoy even sensitive wines without unpleasant side effects.

Effortless Wine Aeration

Oxygen is wine’s friend, encouraging aromas to bloom and softening youthful tannins. Ullo is also a wine aerator, infusing your wine with the ideal amount of oxygen. An aeration on/off switch lets you customize the experience – aerate bold young reds or keep delicate whites protected.

Ullo’s aeration is always gentle, retaining brightness and fruitiness. There’s no danger of over-aerating as with traditional wine aerators. Oxygen is dispersed through a calming vortex inside Ullo’s chamber. Tannins relax, acids soften, and flavors meld together beautifully.

Ullo Wine Purifier

Convenient and User-Friendly

Simplicity and convenience are at the heart of Ullo’s design. There are no complicated parts – just an easy open/close mechanism. The Ullo Purifier fits right onto your wine glass without any overflow or mess.

Ullo comes with a starter set of 4 selective sulfite filters. Each one lasts through 15 glasses of wine before a simple replacement. Additional filter sets are affordably priced.

Clean up is a breeze – Ullo conveniently disassembles for dishwasher safe cleaning. It’s portable enough for enjoying purified wine at home or on the go. Elevate your picnic, camping trip or restaurant experience!

Quality Materials and Safety

Ullo uses only the highest quality, food-grade materials for a safe and enjoyable wine experience. The BPA-free plastic will never leach into or alter your wine’s flavor.

The selective sulfite filtration is proven not to strip away any natural wine compounds. You get all the aromatic nuance and flavor complexity – just without the sulfites and histamines!

Treat yourself to the magic of Ullo purified wine. This innovative wine accessory opens up a new world of preservative-free flavor and aroma. Fall in love with wine all over again!

Product Details:

Removes sulfites and histamines from wine while retaining natural flavors
Gently aerates wine with optional on/off aeration switch
Fits onto any wine glass – no overflow or drips
Comes with 4 selective sulfite filters (each lasts 15 glasses)
Easy open/close mechanism and dishwasher safe
Made from BPA-free plastic – does not leach into wine
Portable design for enjoying purified wine anywhere
Patented selective sulfite filtration technology
Restores flavors and aromas masked by sulfites
Great gift for wine enthusiasts
Give the gift of preservative-free wine with Ullo! Shop now and experience the magic.


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