Give Your Little One the Gift of Montessori from Day One with the Topponcino Baby Lounger


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The Topponcino Montessori Newborn Lounger and Tummy Time Mat is more than just another baby pillow. Lovingly designed by Dr. Maria Montessori in the 1940’s, this infant lounger has been used for generations as a baby’s first “prepared environment”.

Supports Your Newborn’s Head, Neck, and Body for Hassle-Free Holding

The unique oval shape gently “tacos” your newborn, providing physical support for their head, neck, and body. Perfect for holding, passing around, diaper changes, and laying your infant down. No more worrying about properly supporting that delicate newborn head and neck!

Calms and Comforts Fussy Babies

Like a soft blanket or lovie, the lounger never changes temperature or softness. This familiarity soothes your little one and helps them feel safe, secure, and calm.

Promotes Tummy Time and Freedom of Movement

The flat, pillow-like design creates a perfect spot for tummy time. Babies can comfortably kick, crawl, twist, and roll. The soft 1” thickness and lack of walls gives your baby complete freedom to explore movement.

Combines Seamlessly with Other Montessori Toys

This tummy time mat and newborn lounger integrates beautifully into a Montessori-inspired nursery. Use it with mobiles, a Moses basket, stacking cups, and more Montessori toys for ages 0-1.

Trusted Montessori Design from Birth through the First Year

Made from 100% soft natural cotton, the Topponcino lounger is incredibly durable yet plush. Use this authentic Montessori baby lounger from day one through your baby’s first year for the many developmental benefits it provides.


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