Grill Master’s Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer


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Unlock your inner grill master with the Grill Master’s Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer. This innovative wireless thermometer takes the guesswork out of grilling and smoking to help you achieve perfectly cooked meats every time.

With its extra long 165 foot wireless range, you’ll have complete freedom to monitor your food’s temperature from anywhere while it’s cooking on the grill, in the smoker, oven, sous vide or on the stovetop. The smart base wirelessly transmits the real-time temperature from the ovenproof probe to your phone or tablet so you can relax instead of hovering over a hot grill.

Remote Monitoring from Your Phone

The easy-to-use app gives you remote monitoring capabilities. Get notifications and alerts when your food reaches your preset target temperature or if it falls out of your set temperature range. The app records your cooks so you can see the temperature trends and use that data to improve your grilling game. With the ability to monitor multiple proteins at once, this wireless thermometer helps simplify cooking multiple things at the same time.

Accurate Temperature Tracking

The stainless steel probe accurately tracks temperatures from 32°F to 572°F within ±1.8°F. It’s designed to stay in the meat during the entire cook while resisting damage from high heats. Insert the probe and check the temperature graph on the app as it climbs, so you know when your food hits the ideal internal temperature for safe and delicious results.

Hassle-Free Wireless Convenience

This smart thermometer eliminates the hassle of wires getting in your way or limiting your movement. The commercial-grade probe and cable safely withstand heats up to 716°F. Enjoy the freedom to walk around while you grill instead of standing next to hot coals.

With an extended battery life, you can cook for up to 24 hours continuously without recharging. Easily recharge with the included USB cable. The thermometer is both iOS and Android compatible for added convenience.

Make Perfectly Cooked Meat

Take the uncertainty and guesswork out of cooking meat so you can grill, smoke, bake or cook to perfection every time. The app comes pre-programmed with recommended temperatures for nine types of meat like beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish and more.

Not only will you cook meat safely, but you’ll hit that ideal tender and juicy spot. Impress your family and dinner guests with your grilling mastery!

Custom Recipe Settings

For next-level control, create your own custom presets. Easily set your preferred target temperature and cook times for recipes you make often. Get notifications when your preset steak, burger, chicken, roast or other proteins are cooked to your personal ideal doneness.

You can even monitor multiple foods at once – a steak on the grill and side dishes in the oven. The app allows you to track 6 meat probes simultaneously so you’re alerted when each individual food item is ready.

Advanced Grill Smoker Thermometer

This smoker thermometer takes your smoking skills to the next level. Easily track and maintain your smoker’s temperature for low and slow smoking. Get the desired amount of smoke absorption based on time and temp.

The commercial grade, food grade stainless steel probe safely monitors temps up to 572°F in your smoker or oven. Keep an eye on your food’s internal temp as it absorbs delicious smoky flavor over hours of smoking without ever opening the smoker lid.

High-Tech Design

With an LCD screen on the wireless receiver, you can monitor the real-time temperature even when you don’t have your phone on hand. This unit features the latest technology including an intelligent monitoring system that provides excellent transmission through walls and other obstructions.

The extended Bluetooth range gives you an amazing 360 foot range – one of the longest ranges on the market. The smart base automatically turns on when the probe is plugged in for instant readings.

Instant Read Thermometer Alternative

Say goodbye to instant read thermometers! The wireless probe stays in the entire time your food cooks, allowing you to walk away while it monitors the temperature. No more losing precious heat and juices every time you open the grill to check temps.

Rechargeable Battery

The smart base houses a powerful lithium rechargeable battery that charges quickly via USB cable. Fully charged, it will run continuously for 24 hours so you can monitor even extra long cooks.

With its energy-efficient design, you’ll get up to 3 years battery life before needing to replace it. A flashing light on the base alerts you when battery power is low.

Stop Guessing, Start Grilling

Take your grilling and smoking to a whole new level with the Grill Master’s Wireless Smart Thermometer. Eliminate the guesswork and cook meat and other food perfectly every single time for incredibly tender, juicy results. Make BBQ easy and enjoyable again with the high-tech thermometer that helps you achieve mastery over heat and time.


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