Illuminate Your Beauty Routine with This Hollywood Style Lighted Vanity Mirror


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Look like a star and reveal your true beauty with the YOUDENOVA Lighted Vanity Mirror. This glamorous mirror provides everything you need to perfect your makeup application, skincare routine, and get ready for the day or night out in style.

With 15 bright LED bulbs encircling the 24.9″ x 21″ mirror, you’ll enjoy shadow-free illumination that shows every detail for flawless makeup application. The touch controls let you adjust the brightness up to your preference and switch between three lighting modes: natural white, warm white, and warm yellow. Find your perfect lighting for any time of day.

The mirror detaches from the sturdy metal base for versatile use. Keep it on your makeup table for daily use or remove it for easy storage. Two convenient side shelves provide space to organize your beauty products and accessories.

When you need a super-detailed view, just flip over the mirror panel to reveal the built-in 10x magnification. Get ultra-close to see every eyelash and brush stroke for precise eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, and more. The suction cups on the base keep the mirror stable as you lean in for detail work.

This professional-quality lighted mirror takes the guesswork out of getting ready. The bright perimeter lighting eliminates shadows and ensures you can see – and fix – every imperfection. Avoid makeup mistakes and have confidence you look flawless before walking out the door. No more rushed applications in your dim bathroom!

With user-friendly touch controls, you can turn the bright vanity mirror on and off and adjust settings with just a tap. The smart memory function recalls your last used lighting mode and brightness level, so your preferences are ready to go each time.

The convenient built-in USB charging ports allow you to juice up your phone or other devices while you get glam. No need to hog the bathroom outlet or hunt for a spare charger. Just plug into the side of the mirror anytime you need a power boost.

This lighted mirror runs on a 12V power adapter, providing safe, efficient power for the long-lasting LED lighting. The sturdy metal frame and quality materials ensure durability to withstand daily use. Assembly is quick and easy with the included kit.

Give the gift of gorgeous, glowing style with this lighted vanity mirror. Surprise your girlfriend, wife, daughter, or any beauty lover on their birthday or holiday. It’s an everyday essential they’ll use and appreciate for years to come.

Key Features:

15 dimmable LED bulbs provide adjustable brightness up to 2000 lux
Touch controls on the front let you turn the light on/off, change modes, adjust brightness
3 lighting modes: natural white, warm white, warm yellow
Extra-large 24.9” x 21” mirror for head to toe viewing
10x magnification flip panel reveals ultra-close detail
Sturdy and stable metal stand with detachable mirror
2 side shelves to organize beauty products
Built-in USB charging ports juice up your devices
Easy assembly with included hardware
Safe 12V adapter powers the LED lighting
Perfect vanity mirror for bedroom, bathroom, dorm room
Ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, new homes

Love Your Reflection with Shadow-Free, Glamorous Lighting

Say goodbye to dim, dull lighting that hides your natural beauty. This bright vanity mirror provides everything you need for a flawless beauty routine.

The adjustable LED lighting illuminates your face from all angles, eliminating shadows, dark circles, and uneven tones. See every detail as you apply makeup, tweeze eyebrows, and examine your complexion up-close. No more guessing if your foundation looks blended or lips lined evenly!

The three lighting modes give you the perfect setting for any task. Crisp natural white lighting lets you assess colors accurately for precise makeup application. Warm white provides a bright, but more relaxed vibe. Switch to warm yellow for an evening glow like Hollywood vanity mirrors.

Customize the brightness up to your preference with the easy touch controls. Turn up the power for detail work or dim lights for a softer nighttime routine.

The large 24.9” x 21” viewing area provides head to toe viewing, so you can check your full outfit before heading out the door. The 10x magnification panel flips down when you need an ultra-close look at small areas. See every hair, pore, and lash!

Glance sideways to access the two built-in shelves as you work. Keep beauty products, brushes, and tools organized and at your fingertips. No more cluttering up the counter space.

This sturdy mirror looks gorgeous on a desk, dresser, or vanity table. Or detach it from the base to mount it on the wall for a contemporary pop of style in your bedroom, dorm room, or bathroom. Wherever you use it, the dimmable lighting creates a glamorous environment for feeling gorgeous!

Indulge yourself in professional-style illumination every morning and night. Look like a celebrity and put your best face forward with flawless makeup application.

Hollywood-Style Glam in Your Home

This lighted vanity mirror instantly upgrades your space with contemporary style inspired by Hollywood dressing rooms. The sleek, rectangular base has a clean, minimalist design that complements modern decor.

Touch the button discretely hidden under the frame to turn the border lighting on/off. Adjust the brightness and color temperature to set the mood. The warm white and yellow settings create an inviting glow for evening pampering.

The large mirror reflects light to make rooms feel bright and spacious. The projected illumination lets you see details clearly from any angle – no more squinting and leaning in trying to see!

Enjoy a spa-like environment right in your own bedroom. Apply creams and serums with the 10x magnification panel flipped down to examine your skin. Tweeze, pluck, and perfect your brows under the warm glow of adjustable lighting.

Detach the mirror panel for versatile use. Mount it to the wall for a contemporary designer look. Place it atop a sleek console table or dresser. Wherever you position this gorgeous statement piece, it elevates the decor while providing functional, flattering illumination.

Indulge in the comfort of tailored lighting anytime. Create a relaxing ambiance after a hectic day or make mornings energizing. Customize settings to suit any mood or activity.

Give your space a glamorous makeover with this salon-style lighted mirror! Illuminate your natural beauty while enhancing your home decor.


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