Illuminate Your Beauty with This Magnificent Lighted Makeup Mirror


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Look no further than the VESAUR Professional 8.5″ Large Lighted Makeup Mirror to reveal your true radiance. With superior optics, adjustable color temperature lighting, and intuitive design, this is the makeup mirror dreams are made of.

Let’s start with the lighting. Outfitted with 148 premium LED lamps, this mirror provides daylight-quality illumination with a color rendering index exceeding 97 for true color representation. Three color modes – bright white, warm yellow, and natural daylight – allow you to assess your makeup in different lighting scenarios with just a tap. Brightness is infinitely adjustable from 0 – 1200 lux with a soft, eye-friendly design that prevents harsh glare.

The expansive 8.5 inch viewing area provides a wide, undistorted view so you can perfect every detail. With a quick turn, magnify your reflection 10X to precisely apply eyeliner, tweeze brows, and examine skin. The optical glass guarantees zero distortion or pixelation when zoomed in.

This makeup mirror turns on the glamor with its gleaming pearl nickel finish. Stylish and elegant, the smooth metal surface resists fingerprints and cleans up easily. The chic vintage inspired design embellishes your vanity and makes a sophisticated gift.

Intuitive features make this the most user-friendly lighted makeup mirror around. The flexible gooseneck is hardy and holds any angle while the weighted base provides stability. Choose between plug-in or battery power for maximum convenience.

With stunning luminosity, magnification, and versatility, this lighted makeup mirror makes you look like the superstar you are. Here’s a recap of the top features:

Showstopping Lighting

148 premium LED lamps provide daylight-quality illumination
Adjustable 0 – 1200 lux brightness won’t strain eyes
Three color modes: bright white, warm yellow, and natural daylight
Color rendering index exceeds 97 for true color representation
Soft, glare-free lighting shows your true complexion

Precision Optics

8.5 inch viewing area and 10X magnification reveal every detail
Distortion-free optical glass for flawless zoomed viewing
Wide angle viewing to see entire face at once
Swivel design customizes angle to your height

Luxe Design

Elegant pearl nickel finish resists fingerprints and cleans easily
Vintage inspired style adds glam to your vanity
Weighted base and flexible gooseneck provide stability
Great gift for birthdays, holidays, and milestones

Intuitive Features

Plug-in or battery powered for maximum convenience
Sturdy rotation tested over 10,000 times
Long-lasting LEDs rated for 50,000 hours of use
48 month replacement policy provides peace of mind

Your Lifelong Beauty Companion

This professional lighted makeup mirror will be your trustworthy companion for achieving flawless makeup application for years to come. Our quality commitment ensures the LEDs will stay bright while the superior optics magnify every stroke.

Look no further for the makeup mirror that blends form and function. With unbeatable lighting, precision magnification, and lasting quality, the VESAUR Lighted Makeup Mirror illuminates your best you. Order today to reveal your inner star!


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