Illuminate Your Life with the Brilliant TEPLEDGE Wall Shelf Unit


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Decorate and organize your home in style with the TEPLEDGE 4 Tier Wall Shelf Unit. This floating shelf system provides both fashion and function to create a beautiful focal point in any room.

The clean, minimalist design features four open square shelves in a brilliant white finish. Sleek and modern, these wall mounted shelves make a sophisticated statement. The smooth matte lacquer coating resists fingerprints and dust, so your display always stays looking its best.

Each shelf is 9.25 inches deep and 9.84 inches wide, giving you ample space to artistically exhibit your favorite items. Photographs, collectibles, potted plants, and more will feel right at home on these dazzling floating shelves.

But these are not just ordinary wall mounted shelves. What really makes the TEPLEDGE system stand out is the built-in LED lights that run along the underside of each shelf. Turn them on to cast a beautiful glow across your treasures. The warm white lighting creates ambiance and draws the eye upwards to highlight your displays.

Illuminate a shelf above your bed to showcase meaningful souvenirs and add personality to your bedroom. Or brighten up your bathroom by displaying neatly folded towels and a vase of fresh flowers on a shelf beside the mirror.

In the kitchen, use the shelves to exhibit cookbooks, jars of spices, and ceramic canisters. Let the glow of the lights enhance the colors and textures of your ingredients.

The possibilities are endless with how you can utilize the brilliant lighted shelves. Hang them above the mantel to exhibit family photos and holiday decorations. Or line up multiples in a entryway to make a bold first impression.

Installing the TEPLEDGE Wall Shelf Unit is a breeze. No complicated wiring or electrical work required. The LED strip lights plug into a standard outlet. Then simply use the included mounting hardware to securely fasten the sturdy faux wood shelves to the wall. No more dealing with frustrating floating shelf supports that are difficult to adjust.

The timeless white color and smooth matte finish blends seamlessly into any decor style. Whether your home leans traditional or contemporary, these lighted wall shelves will enhance the atmosphere.

At 37.8 inches tall, this shelf unit provides ample vertical storage and display space. The four tier design creates a visually striking ladder effect on your wall. The graduating shelf sizes add depth and dimension.

Reduce clutter while maximizing your square footage by taking advantage of vertical wall space. Floating shelves are perfect for small spaces like apartments, dorm rooms, and studios. Visually open up a room and create the illusion of more space with these wall mounted shelves.

The TEPLEDGE Wall Shelf Unit with Lights provides the perfect combination of form and function. The brilliant illumination adds style and personality while the multi-tiered shelving keeps your space organized. Give your walls a makeover and highlight your decor with the soft glow of these LED lit shelves.

Product Features:

  • Four 11″ x 9.84″ floating square shelves in brilliant white finish
  • Built-in LED strip lights plug into standard outlet to cast beautiful glow
  • Smooth matte lacquer coating resists fingerprints and dust
  • Display photos, plants, books, collectibles and more
  • Mounts directly to wall with included hardware
  • No visible supports or wires
  • Graduated four tier ladder design
  • LED lights highlight and showcase displays
  • Adds style, storage and personality to any space
  • Perfect for small spaces like apartments and dorms
  • Easy to install with no electrical or wiring work
  • Timeless matte white finish matches any decor
  • Overall dimensions: 37.8″ Tall x 9.84″ Deep x 9.25″ Wide
  • Sturdy faux wood construction
  • Wipe clean with dry cloth
  • Plug in LED light strips and mounts directly to wall
  • Ideal gift for homeowners, family or friends
  • Modernize your space with brilliant display shelves
  • Showcase your style and highlight your treasures

Illuminate your home with style, storage, and efficiency. The TEPLEDGE Wall Shelf Unit with Lights is the total package when it comes to fashionable floating shelves. The brilliant LED lights add ambiance while the four tier shelving keeps your space organized and clutter-free.

Give your walls a makeover with these contemporary shelves. The smooth matte white finish contributes clean lines and brightness to any room. Display your favorite items while maximizing vertical storage potential.

Modernize your home decor and highlight your style with the gorgeous glow of the TEPLEDGE Wall Shelf Unit. Click add to cart now to get these LED lit floating shelves shipped right to your door. Illuminate your life with brilliant display shelves that are as functional as they are fashionable.


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