Illuminate Your Life with Yeuslor’s Elegant Candle Warmer Lamp


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Treat yourself to a soothing glow with Yeuslor’s handcrafted candle warmer lamp. This elegant lighting solution elevates any space with its crystal lampshade and wooden base that emit a warm, inviting radiance. Say goodbye to blown out candles and enjoy your favorite scented wax to the last drop with this adjustable candle melting lamp.

Customizable Brightness for Any Environment

The unique switch on Yeuslor’s candle warmer lamp allows you to easily control the bulb’s brightness. Set the perfect ambience with a dim, romantic glow for dinners or a bright, energizing illumination while reading or working. The adjustable settings make this lamp ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and more.

Auto Shut-Off Timer for Peace of Mind

Drift off to sleep worry-free thanks to the built-in auto shut-off timer. Simply set the timer before heading to bed and this candle lamp will turn off automatically to prevent potential fire hazards. The peace of mind this timer provides is perfect for bedrooms and nurseries when you want the candle warmer on as you fall asleep but safely extinguished after you drift off.

Handcrafted Lampshade for Gorgeous Illumination

The genuine crystals strewn across the lampshade create a gorgeous shimmering effect when the candle warmer is on. Each crystal is meticulously added by hand, exemplifying the craftsmanship and care put into this product. When lit, the lampshade scatters colorful, dancing prisms of light for a dazzling display.

Natural Wooden Base for Rustic Charm

The sturdy wooden base provides an organic, earthy feel in any space. Its natural wooden texture and grain provides rustic charm perfect for farmhouse, boho, or traditional decor. The pleasant hue of the real wood adds warmth and tranquility to living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways.

Universal Design for All Jar Candles

This electric candle lamp accommodates most jar candle sizes on the market ranging from 4oz to 22oz. The wide opening ensures an easy, centered fit so the candle can melt evenly and completely. Now you can enjoy every last drop of those favorite jar candles without the hassle of messy dripping wax.

Safely Designed Candle Warmer

Yeulsor prioritizes safety with BPA-free materials and a tip-proof weighted base. The 60W bulb gently melts wax without getting dangerously hot to avoid accidental burns. An included plastic cover provides protection when the warmer is powered off and cooling down. Plus, the 6 foot power cord gives flexibility for placement while reducing tripping hazards.

High Quality Construction Built to Last

Expertly constructed using strong, shatter-resistant materials, this candle lamp is made to last. The durable base withstands everyday use without wobbling or scratching. The crystals and lampshade are securely fastened to stay perfectly in place when moved. With proper care, this candle warmer will provide reliable ambiance for years to come.

Thoughtful Gift for Any Occasion

Surprise a loved one with this stunning yet functional candle warmer lamp for a gift they will treasure. The gorgeous design acts as home decor while also letting recipients enjoy their favorite scented candles more. It makes a fantastic gift for housewarmings, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more!

Experience the Yeuslor Difference

Yeulsor strives to create high quality, unique home products that enhance our customer’s lives. Their team pours passion into every detail from ideation to production. Bring home Yeuslor’s candle warmer lamp to fill your space with beauty, tranquility, and functionality. It’s sure to become a treasured part of your home decor for years to come.

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