Introducing the YMHSOLDR Lighted Makeup Mirror – The Game Changer for Your Makeup Application, Facial Care, and Grooming Needs


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As beauty enthusiasts, we know the struggle of applying makeup in poor lighting all too well. Dim lighting casts shadows on your face, hides flaws you need to address, and can make it nearly impossible to get your look just right. This is why we created the YMHSOLDR Lighted Makeup Mirror – to provide the perfect illumination for flawless makeup application every time.

With a fully adjustable 8 inch double sided mirror, YMHSOLDR provides crystal clear 1x and 10x magnification options. The 1x side gives you a standard reflection to see your full face. Switch to the 10x magnifying side and you’ll be able to precisely apply eyeliner, fill in brows, and perfect every detail. No more squinting and struggling to get it right! The eight inch viewing area gives you plenty of space to see everything in one glance.

And it only gets better from there…

YMHSOLDR’s custom LED lighting takes your makeup game to the next level. With 3 lighting color modes (warm, cool, and natural light), you can adjust the tone to recreate any lighting environment. Warm light is perfect for evening makeup looks and special occasions. The cool light mimics daylight – ideal for perfecting your daily makeup routine. And natural light shows true color tones for makeup application before heading outside.

The stepless dimming feature allows you to find the perfect brightness for your space. Get ready by the soft glow of dawn or light up your look with near-stage brightness. The lighting possibilities are endless. No more straining to see in a darkened bathroom!

With the extendable 13 inch arm, 360 degree swivel, and adjustable joints, finding the perfect placement for makeup application is a breeze. Position the YMHSOLDR mirror for sitting or standing use. Move it out of the way when not in use. Or fold it flat against the wall. The flexibility allows you to adjust the angle and distance as needed.

See every pore, stray hair, and flaw clearly so you can address it. Check for even tone, blending, and symmetry. It’s easy to achieve makeup perfection with YMHSOLDR.

Some more awesome features:

Sturdy and stable metal frame, stand, and base give it durability and strength
No need to worry about leaving the light on – it turns off automatically after 30 minutes
Convenient AC plug-in powers the bright LED lights – no need for batteries
Flicker-free lighting for a comfortable makeup application experience
Modern, sleek profile looks great in any space

Put an end to makeup woes and light up your beauty routine with the YMHSOLDR Lighted Makeup Mirror! We guarantee this will be your new secret weapon for flawless makeup application.

One delighted customer raved:
“This lighted makeup mirror is a game changer! I can finally see everything clearly to get my makeup just right. The lights make it so easy to apply my makeup evenly. It’s a must-have for any makeup junkie!”

We know you’ll love the difference proper lighting makes. Click Add to Cart now to illuminate your beauty routine with the YMHSOLDR Lighted Makeup Mirror!


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