Keep Bath Mats Dry and Warm with Customizable Heated Bath Mat by Yimobra


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Tired of stepping onto damp, cold bath mats? The Yimobra Heated Bath Mat provides continuous, customizable warmth to keep your bath mats dry and comfortable.

Built-in temperature sensor offers adjustable heat from 80-130°F and auto shut-off timer up to 24 hours. Select your ideal warmth and timed heating. 11 precise temperature settings allow customization for your comfort.

Upgraded heating film provides even, moderate warmth across the entire surface. 7-layer protective cover ensures safe, consistent heating.

Waterproof, flame retardant materials allow use in wet conditions. Non-slip bottom prevents slides and accidents.

Reduce cleaning time and enjoy warm, dry bath mats every time. No more cold wet feet! Gentle, customized warming dries mats faster than air drying alone.

Yimobra Heated Bath Mats will make your bathroom a warm, welcoming space. Bid farewell to damp, uncomfortable mats and enjoy cozy warmth each time you step out of the shower. Customizable settings provide the perfect heat and timed shut-off for your needs.


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