Keep Food Fresh 10X Longer with the Vacuum Sealer Solution for Your Kitchen


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Discover the easy way to keep food fresh and save money with the CALOTO Vacuum Sealer Machine. This innovative food vacuum sealer is the perfect solution for home cooks looking for a better way to store and preserve a variety of foods.

Professional-Grade Vacuum Sealing in Seconds

Engineered for fast, effective sealing, this vacuum packer delivers professional results in just 5-8 seconds per seal. The one-touch operation makes it easy for anyone to use, while the LED indicator lights clearly display the sealing process.

Customize Your Food Storage

The CALOTO Vacuum Sealer was designed with flexibility in mind. With both dry and wet food modes, you can vacuum seal meats, fish, produce, baked goods, snacks, and more. The external vacuum mode even allows you to seal mason jars, wine bottles, and zipper bags that aren’t designed specifically for vacuum sealing.

Keep Food Fresher, Longer

Vacuum sealing removes the air around your food to prevent freezer burn, oxidation, and spoilage caused by exposure to oxygen. Sealed foods can last up to 10 times longer than traditional storage methods. Enjoy seasonal produce year-round, stock up on sale items without waste, and reduce your food expenses.

Compact and User-Friendly

At just 11.8 inches wide, this countertop vacuum sealer has a small footprint designed to save space in your kitchen. The hands-free operation only requires placing the bag in the chamber and pressing a single button to start the automatic sealing process. Cleanup is easy with the removable drip tray.

Safety You Can Trust

Built to meet applicable product safety standards, the CALOTO Vacuum Sealer provides reliable performance you can trust. The durable construction is made to last, while the separated bottom tank offers safe, convenient maintenance. You can have confidence knowing this sealer is designed with your family’s safety in mind.

Everything You Need to Get Started

The vacuum sealer package includes:

  • 1 x Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • 15 x Vacuum Sealer Bags (7.87″ x 9.87″)
  • 1 x Hose for External Sealing
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x AC Adapter

With the essential accessories included, you can start vacuum sealing right out of the box. The starter kit of bags gives you enough to get started on a variety of foods.

Keep Your Food Fresh, Save Money, Reduce Waste

Join the thousands of home cooks who rely on vacuum sealing to make the most of their food. Keep leftovers fresh, prepare meals in advance, save on grocery bills, and eliminate waste with perfectly portioned sealed foods.

The CALOTO Vacuum Sealer Machine brings professional-quality sealing within reach. Discover just how convenient and effective vacuum sealing can be for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does vacuum sealing help food stay fresh longer?

Vacuum sealing extends shelf life by removing oxygen from food storage bags. Lack of oxygen prevents oxidation, freezer burn, mold, bacteria growth, and other causes of spoilage.

What foods can be vacuum sealed?

You can vacuum seal meats, fish, cheeses, baked goods, dried foods, leftovers, and more. The wet and dry food settings customize sealing for moist and dry items.

Can I seal liquids?

Yes, you can vacuum seal soups, stews, marinades, and other liquids using the wet food setting. Leave 2-3 inches of space at the top of bags for expansion.

How do vacuum sealed bags work?

Special vacuum sealer bags have a textured lining that channels air out of the bag when a strong vacuum is applied. The bag then seals airtight.

What is the shelf life of vacuum sealed foods?

Vacuum sealing can extend refrigerated shelf life by 5-6 times and frozen shelf life by 10 times compared to traditional storage. Sealed quality meats can last 2-3 years frozen.

Can I use zipper bags with a vacuum sealer?

Yes, you can vacuum seal regular zipper bags using the external vacuum mode and hose attachment. This option works on bags that aren’t designed specifically for vacuum sealing.

Is vacuum sealing cost effective?

Yes, you can save significantly by buying food in bulk when on sale, reducing waste from spoilage, and conveniently storing leftovers. The savings add up over time.

Is vacuum sealing difficult?

Not at all! Simply place food in a bag, insert the open end into the vacuum chamber, and press the auto seal button. The machine does the work for you.

Is vacuum sealing safe?

Yes, vacuum sealing is a completely safe process. All air is removed from storage bags, not the food itself. No chemicals are used in the sealing process.

Discover the ultimate kitchen multitasker with the CALOTO Vacuum Sealer. This indispensable appliance saves you time and money while keeping your food fresh and delicious. Order now to start enjoying the benefits of professional-quality vacuum sealing in your home kitchen!


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