Keep Your Drinks Ice Cold with the YETI Slim Seafoam Rambler Colster Can Insulator


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Do you love cracking open a frosty cold beer or sparkling seltzer on a hot summer day? There’s nothing quite as satisfying as that first sip of an ice-cold drink on a scorching afternoon. But it doesn’t take long for your beverage to become lukewarm in the sweltering heat. Warm beer or seltzer is no fun at all.

That’s why you need the incredible YETI Slim Seafoam Rambler Colster Can Insulator! This revolutionary can holder keeps your 12oz slim cans icy cold for hours on end. Just slip your beer, sparkling water, wine, or any other slim can into the Colster and it will lock in the cold. The Load-and-Lock gasket provides a snug, airtight seal with just a simple quarter-turn, trapping the chill inside.

Next-Level Insulation Keeps Drinks Cold For Hours

What makes the YETI Colster so effective at keeping canned drinks frosty? It features incredible double-wall vacuum insulation just like YETI’s famous tumblers and coolers. This innovative insulation technology surrounds your can with a barrier of trapped, unmoving air. This virtually eliminates heat transfer, blocking hot ambient air from warming up your cold drink.

The Colster’s custom-molded construction integrates the insulation right into the walls for maximum cold-holding power. Even in blazing 90+ degree summer heat, the YETI Colster can keep a canned drink chilled for hours on end. While ordinary foam can holders may insulate for 30 minutes at best, the Colster takes can chilling to the extreme, keeping condensation from forming for impressive stretch.

Durable Construction Built for the Outdoors

This isn’t your average flimsy foam can holder that falls apart after a few uses. The YETI Slim Colster features a rugged, durable construction that can withstand just about anything you throw at it. It’s made from YETI’s proprietary ThickGauge stainless steel, an extra-strong metal that won’t crack or break under pressure.

The Colster also features a virtually indestructible powder coating called Duracoat. This textured finish is extremely scratch and fade resistant, protecting your Colster from dings, chips, and UV damage. It provides a solid, slip-free grip too. Whether you’re boating, beaching, picnicking, or camping, this can holder is built to last season after season.

A Better Way to Chill

Ditch those flimsy foam can holders that do nothing to keep your drinks cold. The YETI Slim Colster is a far superior way to chill cans that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Its innovative insulation outperforms standard can coolers by a long shot. And it looks so much cooler holding vibrant Seafoam green cans rather than boring white foam.

The Colster slips easily into backpacks, beach bags, and coolers, always ready for your next adventure. It makes a fantastic gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. For tailgating, boating, the lake, the pool, camping trips, or simply lounging patio-side, the YETI Colster is guaranteed to be your new favorite summer accessory.

YETI – The Pinnacle of Cold

When you see the YETI name, you know you’re getting the very best in cold retention. Since 2006, YETI Coolers has designed the most rugged, durable, high-performing insulating products on the market. Its coolers, drinkware, bags, and accessories are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts across the country for their ability to keep ice frozen and drinks frosty for days.

The YETI Slim Colster is the latest innovation combining that legendary insulating power into a slim, adjustable can holder. Its no-sweat design and superior chill will keep you enjoying ice-cold beverages anywhere summer takes you. Load up and lock in the cold with the YETI Slim Seafoam Colster today!


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