Keep Your Home Organized with the ZAAOEHA Door Hanging Storage Organizer


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Tired of clutter around your home? Searching endlessly through drawers and cabinets to find what you need? The ZAAOEHA Door Hanging Organizer is the solution to keep your home tidy and organized! With versatile storage compartments, this over the door organizer is ideal for any room in your house.

Convenient Storage for Any Room

The ZAAOEHA hanging organizer features 15 clear plastic compartments of varying sizes to store a wide variety of household items. Keep toiletries, cosmetics, socks, toys, electronics, and more organized and within reach. With two large compartments, six medium compartments, and seven small compartments, there is a perfect spot for everything. No more rummaging to find what you need!

In the bedroom, use it to store pajamas, underwear, accessories, lotions, perfumes, and electronics. For the bathroom, keep extra toilet paper, cotton swabs, soaps, shampoos, and other toiletries at your fingertips. The laundry room stays tidy with separate compartments for detergents, dryer sheets, stain removers, brushes, and more. Even use it in the pantry to organize spices, snacks, canned goods, and other food items.

Wherever you need extra storage and organization, this hanging organizer is the perfect solution.

High-Quality Materials for Durability

Constructed from premium non-woven fabric and durable metal hooks, the ZAAOEHA over the door organizer is built to last. The breathable non-woven fabric prevents condensation and moisture build-up. And the edges are neatly finished with knitted fabric borders to prevent fraying and provide extra reinforcement.

The metal hooks easily slide over any standard width interior door in your home without any need for tools or hardware. Each of the 15 compartments also feature individual bottom support as well as front and side support bars. This provides sturdy construction to hold the weight of your belongings, keeping the organizer’s shape even when fully loaded. No more sagging pockets!

With quality craftsmanship and sturdy materials, this door hanging organizer will keep your home organized for years to come.

Convenient Clear Windows Let You See Inside

Searching through opaque organizers for tiny items can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why the ZAAOEHA hanging storage organizer features convenient clear windows on the front of each compartment. The transparent vinyl lets you easily peek inside to find exactly what you need in seconds. No more guessing game!

The see-through pockets also make it simple to identify when supplies are running low. At a glance you can see if it’s time to restock detergent, tissues, cotton balls, and other household essentials. This handy visibility keeps your storage orderly and fully stocked.

Easily Mount Over Any Door or Wall

Installation of the ZAAOEHA over door organizer takes just minutes with the included durable metal hooks. Simply slide the hooks over the top of any standard interior door in your home up to 1.5 inches thick. The rubber pads on the hooks provide a firm grip and prevent sliding, while also protecting your doors from scratches.

If you prefer, you can also securely mount the organizer to drywall in your home using screws and wall anchors (not included). The built-in grommets on the top make wall mounting quick and easy.

Wherever you decide to install it, this hanging organizer adds convenient storage space exactly where you need it.

Foldable Design Lets You Take It Anywhere

Since the ZAAOEHA door organizer is foldable, it’s easy to take with you or relocate to any room as needed. When it’s time to move or travel, simply remove it from the door, fold it flat, and pack it up. Unfold and rehang when you arrive at your destination.

The collapsible compartments also make the organizer space-efficient for storing when not in use. Fold it up and tuck it away in a closet until you need that extra storage again. It takes up minimal space yet is always ready when you need it.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Your satisfaction with your purchase is our top priority. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the ZAAOEHA over the door hanging organizer. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will make it right.

We want you to have an organizing solution that meets your needs and tidies up your home. Try the ZAAOEHA door organizer risk-free today and see how much easier it makes keeping your home clutter-free! Order now and enjoy more organized living spaces.


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