Lady Justice Greek Goddess of Justice Statue – Striking Bronze Sculpture of Themis Holding Scales and Sword


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Feel the power and symbolism of justice with this impressive Lady Justice statue. At an imposing 30 inches tall, she makes a bold statement in any home or office. This Greek goddess statue is a striking symbol of truth, fairness and moral force. Her classic iconography originates from Justitia, the Roman goddess of justice, and Themis, the ancient Greek personification of divine law.

Cast in quality designer resin with a bronze finish, this Lady Justice decor statue has intricate detailing. Her robes with leaf trim and armored chest plate are hand-painted in bronze, silver and gold tones for depth. She wears a blindfold and crown, representing how justice is blind and honors no status. In one hand, she holds aloft a sword, ready to dispense punishment for those who go against the law. Her other hand once balanced weighing scales, signifying that evidence is weighed impartially. (Note: the scales are packed separately but easily screw into her hand).

At her feet coils a snake, symbolizing deception, lies and corruption. The snake writhes under her heel, showing justice prevailing over wrongdoing. Beside her is a thick book, representing the constitution, legal code or body of law from which justice originates. Together, these symbolic elements create a powerful portrait of impartial, ethical justice.

An Impressive Greek Goddess Decor Statue

This is no lightweight decor statue. Crafted from durable designer composite resin, it has the heft and presence of real bronze. The cold cast bronze finishing process replicates the look of cast metal sculpture. Powdered bronze is mixed into the resin then hand-painted in bronze, silver and gold hues. Up close, you can see the richness of color and artistry of the paintwork.

The sculpting itself is intricate and realistic. Flowing robes drape naturally over her body with deeply etched folds. Details like the leaves along her collar and crown upon her head are sharply defined. Her face has a serene, determined expression as she contemplatively holds up her sword. This is a substantial, quality statue measuring 12.5 inches wide by 30 inches high. It makes a commanding statement displayed on its own or surrounded by legal or justice themed decor.

Meaningful Legal, Law Office or Court Room Decor

This Lady Justice statue embodies the moral force and impartiality of the legal system. It’s ideal decor for court rooms, legal offices, law libraries or as a gift for law school graduates. For those involved in the justice system, it’s a meaningful reminder of principles like “blind justice” and “innocent until proven guilty”.

Beyond the legal realm, Lady Justice represents truth prevailing through objective, ethical processes. Her iconic image conveys the notion of cosmic justice and divine order. This makes her relevant in philosophical, supernatural and superhero contexts.

Lady Justice’s Origin as a Goddess

In ancient Greek mythology, Themis represented divine order and natural law. She was one of the titans and a counselor to Zeus himself. Themis had three daughters: Dike (justice), Eunomia (good order), and Eirene (peace). Dike, or Lady Justice, became the personification of justice dispensing and fairness.

When the Roman Empire conquered Greece, they adopted Themis as their own goddess of justice, changing her name to Justitia. It is Justitia that most closely resembles the modern iconic image of Lady Justice. She was frequently depicted with scales, a blindfold and sometimes a sword, much like this striking statue.

Scale of Justice Assembly

An important part of Lady Justice’s symbolism is her scales representing balanced, impartial weighing of evidence. This product includes a removable set of scales that can be fitted into her hand. The scale hooks into her hand from below then the top handle screws into place.

To attach the scales:

  1. Locate the two scale pieces in the packaging
  2. Turn the statue’s hand palm side down
  3. Insert the hook on the scale plate into her palm from below
  4. Fit the handle into her hand from the top so it’s upright
  5. Twist it so the threaded portion lines up with the hole in her palm
  6. Tighten the handle by twisting clockwise so it’s secured in place

Recreate Lady Justice’s full iconic depiction by proudly displaying her with the scales of justice held aloft. She becomes a symbol of honor, ethics and moral rectitude.

An Impressive Gift

For less than $100, this is an affordable statue that looks far pricier. The cold cast bronze finishing gives it a valuable metallic look without a high cost. This makes it a special gift for law graduates, paralegals, legal secretaries, lawyers and judges. The meaningful symbolism resonates with their profession.

Packed in a giftable color box, this statue elevates any occasion. Give it as a graduation, promotion, retirement or appreciation gift. It’s also a unique memorial or tribute for someone devoted to justice and ethics. With its inspirational meaning, this is a gift that will be proudly displayed for years to come.

Bring the iconic image of Lady Justice into your home or office with this striking cold cast bronze statue. At 30 inches tall atop a wide base, she has commanding presence. Hand-painted detailing brings out the beauty of her robes, armor, crown and sword. This is a legal decor symbol of impartiality, honor and prevailing truth. Order the Lady Justice statue today!


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