Lifelike Artificial Olive Tree for Home Decor


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Bring the beauty and tranquility of the Mediterranean into your home with the YOLEO 5FT Artificial Olive Tree. This realistic faux olive tree is crafted to perfection to enhance any space with its lush green foliage and textured brown trunk, no matter your decor style.

Lush Green Foliage That Will Last

This artificial olive tree features 150cm of full, lifelike olive green leaves that will maintain their lively color and texture for years to come. Each individual leaf is carefully shaped and attached tocreate a natural, full canopy like a real olive tree. The leaves are also UV resistant so they won’t fade or discolor when placed in sunny spots. You can relax knowing this faux olive tree will stay looking fresh and vibrant no matter where you place it.

Realistic Details From Trunk to Top

From the gnarled and textured trunk to the delicate veining in each olive leaf, this fake tree was designed to recreate the look and feel of a real living olive tree. The trunk has varying grooves and knots that give it an aged, natural appearance. It sits securely in a weighted cement base preventing tipping. The cement is colored to mimic real dirt for added authenticity. Each branch is also wired allowing you to adjust the shape and fullness of the canopy.

Perfect for Any Decor Style

With its realistic details and natural shape, this artificial olive tree can complement and enhance any style of decor. Place it in the corner of a bohemian styled living room to add an organic element. Or position it next to a mid century couch to soften the modern look. Its neutral green color fits right in with farmhouse, coastal, or traditional decor. Wherever you place it, this faux olive tree will add welcome greenery and softness to your rooms.

Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean

Live olive trees require frequent pruning, watering, and plenty of sunshine. This artificial alternative needs none of that! The foliage never sheds or fades so there’s no clean up required. To clean, simply wipe down the leaves with a soft dry or damp cloth. The convenient cement weighted base means you can move it easily to give any room a quick refresh. Enjoy the look of an olive tree without any of the work to care for it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At YOLEO, we take pride in creating realistic artificial plants and trees that enhance home decor. We want you to be fully satisfied with the look, quality, and ease of care this faux olive tree provides. That’s why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely happy.

Make your home oasis more inviting and serene with the YOLEO Artificial Olive Tree. Order with confidence today knowing this fake olive tree is guaranteed to bring Mediterranean charm to your rooms for years to come.


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