Luxurious Australian Lambskin Rug – The Softest & Coziest Addition to Your Nursery


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Treat your baby to the ultimate in comfort with this premium quality lambskin rug from Woolino. Handcrafted from 100% natural Australian lambskin, this sumptuously soft rug provides a touch of luxury to cradle your little one in total comfort.

As soon as you feel the silky soft texture of this lambskin rug, you’ll be amazed at the sheer indulgence. This is not your average rug – the density and quality of the Australian lambskin puts it in a league of its own for unbeatable softness. Your baby will adore snuggling into the sensational softness, and you’ll delight in surrounding your precious little one in this high quality lambskin’s natural warmth and comfort.

Luxuriously Plush Lambskin Offers Unrivaled Comfort

This lambskin rug is the perfect addition to your baby’s nursery or any room you want to add a touch of cozy indulgence. The exceptionally dense and silky soft Australian lambskin provides comfort like no other material. Your baby will spend hours happily snuggled atop the deliciously plush lambskin, exploring the ultra soft texture. The high density lambskin helps prevent against pressure sores and provides comfort for sensitive skin, making it ideal for babies and the whole family to enjoy.

Made from the highest quality Australian lambskin, this rug offers a sublimely soft surface that your baby will find irresistible. Its top quality construction ensures this lambskin rug will become the coziest spot in your home for your baby to play, lounge and sleep in total comfort.

The Perfect Natural Material for Baby’s Nursery

You want the softest, safest and healthiest environment for your new baby, and this natural Australian lambskin rug fits the bill perfectly. Made from 100% natural Australian lambskin, the inherent breathability of this premium wool fiber helps regulate body temperature for ultimate comfort.

Australian lambskin’s natural lanolin content helps the wool repel dust mites, mold and mildew. It’s also hypoallergenic, providing the perfect surface for babies with sensitive skin or allergies.

This natural lambskin rug has achieved Oeko-Tex 100 certification for product safety. This prestigious certification ensures the rug is tested for over 100 harmful substances, meeting the highest safety standards for your peace of mind.

Provide a warm, welcoming environment for your newborn baby with this indulgently soft lambskin rug from Woolino.

Customize Your Nursery with A Choice of Sizes & Colors

Available in ivory white, this Australian lambskin rug comes in a large 2 x 3 ft size that works well in nurseries, playrooms, living rooms or bedrooms. Drape it over a chair or sofa to add some plush luxury. Use it as a luxurious surface for tummy time or playing on the floor. Lay it by the crib or changing table for extra cushioned comfort.

The ivory white color choice blends seamlessly with any style of decor, providing a clean and classic look. Choose from darker sheepskin colors like gray if you prefer something that won’t show dirt over time. Or opt for a fun pop of color like pink, blue or red to add a lively accent to your space.

Use it as a focal point atop a hardwood or tiled floor or layer it over carpets and rugs for extra cozy padding. However you use it, this indulgently soft premium Australian lambskin rug promises to become a favorite addition to your home.

Treat Yourself & Your Family to Australian Lambskin’s Luxe Softness

While this plush lambskin rug makes an amazing baby shower or new baby gift, the incredible softness offers comfort that the whole family will enjoy:

  • Line your rocking chair or glider with this lambskin rug for a more comfortable nursing and cuddling experience.
  • Provide a super soft play mat for tummy time, rolling, crawling and playing on the floor.
  • Use as a changing pad cover for cushioned comfort during diaper changes.
  • Lay it on the floor next to the crib for extra padding during the night.
  • Curl up on your couch or bed and enjoy the lambskin’s sublime softness.
  • Give your pet their own luxuriously soft lambskin rug bed.

Treat yourself to the comfort of this indulgently soft premium lambskin rug. Your baby will adore being surrounded in its sensational plushness, and you’ll find endless uses for its cozy versatility around your home.

Choose With Confidence from The Lambskin Experts

When you choose a lambskin rug from Woolino, you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality and safety. Specializing in lambskin products for babies and kids since 2010, Woolino is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in merino wool bedding and lambskin rugs.

With over 1 million happy customers worldwide, Woolino’s reputation for premium quality, safety and comfort is unmatched. Rest assured that their rigorous standards ensure your lambskin rug is crafted to the highest specifications for durability, softness and safety.

Pamper your baby with the soft luxury of this indulgently plush Australian lambskin rug from the craftsmanship experts at Woolino. Your little one will spend countless cozy hours snuggled in its wonderful softness!


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