Luxurious Spa Experience in the Comfort of Your Home with the Waterpik 7-Mode Power Wand Shower Spa System


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Treat yourself to a therapeutic and invigorating shower experience with the Waterpik 7-Mode Power Wand Shower Spa System. This innovative dual-wand system transforms your existing shower into a luxurious home spa, helping you relax muscles, increase flexibility, and promote restful sleep.

The star of the show is the Power Wand handheld showerhead. This wand features Waterpik’s unique Power Comb spray technology that provides a penetrating massage spray to target sore muscles and stimulate circulation. The dual nozzles deliver a concentrated stream that can be focused on specific areas of tension for intense relief. Switch to the full body spray for a soothing all-over massage.

In addition to the handheld wand, this spa system also includes a large 6-inch overhead showerhead with 6 rejuvenating spray modes. Choose from full body spray, massage, intense rinse, saturating spray, circular massage, or a combination for a fully customized shower. The easy-turn dial allows you to switch between modes with just a twist.

One of the showerhead’s standout features is the PowerPulse massage setting. This therapeutic spray mode provides double the massage force of standard showerheads. The pulsing sensation stimulates muscles while increasing blood flow to ease aches and pains. Independent clinical studies found the PowerPulse technology helps reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, and promote more restful sleep when used regularly.

With its powerful massage spray, luxurious rain shower head, and variety of rejuvenating modes, this shower spa system offers all the benefits of a high-end spa in your own bathroom. The luxurious chrome finish and flexible 6-foot hose add style and convenience.

Installation takes just minutes with no special tools required. The system uses any standard shower arm so you can easily upgrade your existing setup. Adjust the angle and height as needed for customized comfort.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing and therapeutic shower massage anytime you want. The Waterpik Power Wand Shower Spa System brings the spa home. Treat sore muscles, stimulate circulation, and wash away the stress of the day with this indulgent shower upgrade.


  • Dual wand system includes a handheld shower wand with Power Comb spray plus a 6-inch overhead rainfall showerhead
  • Power Comb technology provides a focused, penetrating spray to target sore muscles and stimulate circulation
  • Overhead showerhead has 6 rejuvenating spray modes including PowerPulse massage
  • PowerPulse massage delivers double the spray force for intense relief of muscle tension
  • Clinically shown to reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, and promote restful sleep
  • Flexible 6-foot hose and adjustable angles provide a customized spa experience
  • Luxurious chrome finish adds style and elegance to your bathroom
  • Easy tool-free installation uses existing shower arm

Give the Gift of Luxury and Relaxation

Treat someone special to the gift of spa-like relaxation with the Waterpik Shower Spa System. The soothing and therapeuticdual wand system helps wash away aches and pains, leaving muscles relaxed and refreshed. It’s a gift they’ll think of and appreciate every day.


Is special plumbing required to install this shower spa system?

No special plumbing is required. This system is designed for easy DIY installation and uses your existing shower arm. No pipe tape or tools needed.

What is Power Comb technology?

Power Comb spray technology uses a unique spray pattern that provides a concentrated, pulsating stream. The comb-like spray penetrates deeply to target sore muscles and offer intense relief.

How easy is it to switch between spray modes?
The large dial on the fixed showerhead makes it easy to switch between the 6 relaxing spray modes with just a twist. Find the perfect setting for your mood and needs.

Can I use other Waterpik showerheads with this system?
Yes, you can interchange Waterpik showerheads if desired. The flexible design works with a variety of Waterpik shower wands, hand showers, rainfall heads, and more.

What is the warranty for the Waterpik Shower Spa System?
Your purchase includes a 3-year warranty. Waterpik stands behind their products and will replace any defective parts.

Is the Power Wand spray too intense for some users?
The wand includes settings for intense massage spray or more gentle full body spray. The integrated flow control lets you adjust the power as needed for comfort.

Bring the luxury spa experience into your own home with the Waterpik 7-Mode Power Wand Shower Spa System. Enjoy a customized, therapeutic massage and treat yourself to relaxation with this indulgent shower upgrade.


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