Luxuriously Flexible Curved Ceiling Track Adds Elegance to Any Space


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Liven up any room with the elegantly designed ZSTARR Flexible Bendable Ceiling Track Curtain Rod. With its ability to curve and bend into beautiful shapes, this ceiling mounted curtain rod adds a touch of style and sophistication perfect for dividing rooms, accenting windows, or creating an inviting shower or bath space.

Crafted with Quality and Durability

This innovative ceiling curtain track rod is crafted from high quality PVC and metal materials designed to last. The durable plastic and stainless steel construction ensures the rod stays securely in place without cracking or breaking over time. No more suction cups falling or tension rods bending out of shape. The thickened plastic lift rings on the bottom glide smoothly and reduce wear and tear.

Bends and Flexes to Your Unique Needs

The flexibility of this curtain track rod is what makes it so versatile for every home. Easily bend and shape it to fit around corners, bay windows, unique architecture, and any custom look you desire. Use it to section off a reading nook, carve out space in a studio apartment, or complement the curved walls of an RV. The adaptable shape ensures you get the look you want.

Glides Smoothly and Quietly

Say goodbye to the annoying sounds of metal curtain rods screeching across their brackets. This quiet curtain rod smoothly and silently traverses its track with a simple glide. The high quality rollers inside the track ensure your curtains open and close with ease, without any bothersome noise.

Easy to Install Ceiling Mounted Track

Mounting this curtain track system is simple with the included hardware. Use the durable brackets to securely fasten the track to your ceiling or wall. The brackets feature pre-drilled holes for easy screw installation. Complete the elegant look by adding your choice of stylish curtains, rings, or other accessories that complement your home’s style.


  • Set includes two 16.4 foot long flexible plastic ceiling tracks
  • Hardware includes 40 track rollers, 42 metal curtain hooks, 15 mounting brackets, and screws
  • Quality construction from PVC plastic and stainless steel
  • Thick plastic lift rings on bottom for smooth, quiet gliding
  • Bends and flexes to customize your unique space
  • Ceiling mount installation with included hardware
  • Use for room dividers, RV curtains, shower rods, and more

Customize Your Space Beautifully

Elevate your home with the modern style and flexibility of the ZSTARR Ceiling Curtain Track System. Its adaptable design mounts to walls and ceilings to add a decorative flair around corners, windows, and room dividers. Suitable for small apartments, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, RVs, offices, and commercial spaces like hotels or hospitals.

The smooth gliding track gives a clean, contemporary feel that enhances any room. Create a majestic window accent, a chic separation of space, or a spa-like oasis in your bathroom.

Purchase with Confidence

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with the ZSTARR flexible curtain track system. We back our products with a warranty and friendly customer service.

Bring out the full potential of your home decor with this versatile and beautiful ceiling mounted curtain rod system. Order the ZSTARR Flexible Curtain Track today!


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