Luxuriously Plush Bath Mat – The Softest & Most Absorbent Rug for Shower & Tub


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Step into soft, welcoming comfort each time you set foot on this luxuriously plush bath mat from Yimobra. Constructed from 1 inch of super dense and resilient microfiber, this bath mat features an innovative weaving process that delivers unparalleled softness underfoot. The ultra-high density microfiber fabric helps absorb water in an instant, preventing excess water from dripping onto your bathroom floors when you step out of the bath or shower. Its incredible softness and elasticity cradles bare feet in pampering comfort, while its skid-resistant rubber backing keeps the rug firmly in place. This bath mat was designed to feel supple and ultra-soft – the elastic microfiber cushions feet with cloud-like comfort and strong support so you’ll never feel the hardness of the floor beneath. Offering the warmth and comfort of shag with superior water absorbency, this luxuriously plush bath mat makes a beautiful and functional addition to any well-appointed bathroom.

The Yimobra Plush Bath Rug brings welcoming softness to your bathroom floors. Constructed with 1 inch of innovative high density microfiber, this plush bath mat features an unbelievably soft, dense pile that’s gentle on feet. The super soft microfiber fabric instantaneously absorbs water, preventing puddles on your bathroom floor when stepping out of the tub or shower. The elastic microfiber fibers provide supportive cushioning underfoot, pampering feet in supple comfort. The high-quality rubber backing keeps the rug securely in place without cracking or peeling over time. Cushy and absorbent, this shaggy bath mat is as functional as it is comfortable.

The innovative dense microfiber fabric absorbs water on contact, preventing dripping and keeping bathroom floors dry. The ultra soft, full 1 inch pile cradles feet in supple comfort unrivaled by traditional bath mats. The durable rubber backing and premium microfiber ensure this plush rug maintains its shape and softness over repeated use and machine washing. Easy to care for – simply toss in the washing machine and tumble dry low. Available in beautiful shades to complement any bathroom decor. Bring the comfort, softness, and quality you deserve to your bath with Yimobra’s Plush Bath Rug.


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