Majestic Dragon Orb Set – Mystical Decor with LED Base for Holidays and Fantasy Lovers


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Transport yourself to a realm of myth and magic with the stunning Majestic Dragon Orb Set. This handcrafted decoration brings legends to life with an intricately detailed dragon clinging to a glowing orb. Place this sculptural centerpiece on any surface to instantly add an air of fantasy and wonder to your space.

The set includes a resin dragon sculpture, acrylic LED base, 1.7 inch crystal orb, and gift box for easy storage and gifting. Every component is carefully designed to capture the imagination.

Dragon Sculpture with Lifelike Details

The dragon is expertly sculpted from high quality resin and hand painted to highlight its scales, claws, ridges and wise expression. Though small enough to fit in the palm of your hand at just 4.5 inches long, the detailing is so precise that it looks like a miniaturized version of a real mythical beast. Its winding pose and tactile finish bring the creature to life. The translucent orb is clenched in its claws, as if an ancient artifact.

LED Base Illuminates from Within

The acrylic base contains an LED that makes the crystal orb glow with an ethereal light. Just switch it on to see the dragon bathed in a supernatural aura. The light radiates through the transparent edges of the stand for a subtle ambient glow. With its clean, compact footprint of just 5 x 3 inches, this dragon decor can fit neatly on any shelf, desk, mantel or tabletop.

Holiday Decor and Collectible

This dragon set makes a stunning holiday decoration, whether placed around the home or given as a gift. TheLED light and fantasy sculpture add magic to seasonal decor. It also makes a unique gift for dragon lovers and collectors. The vibrant colors and imaginative design look great on display all year round.

Easy to Set Up and Enjoy

Everything you need is included in one box for easy assembly. Just unwrap each piece, slot the orb into the dragon’s claws, and place them on the lighted base. Switch it on to see your decoration come to life! Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included). Detailed instructions are provided.

With its imaginative design and easy setup, the Majestic Dragon Orb Set makes a gorgeous addition to any home. Order yours today to add a touch of wonder! This handcrafted collector’s piece will delight dragon lovers, fantasy fans, and anyone looking for an eye-catching decoration.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: Dragon – 4.5 x 3 x 1.5 inches, Base – 5 x 3 inches
  • Materials: Polyresin dragon sculpture and acrylic base with LED light
  • Crystal orb diameter: 1.7 inches
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) for LED base
  • Easy assembly – orb slots into dragon claws
  • Dragon hand painted with lifelike detail
  • Gift box included for storage and gifting

Create a Mystical Atmosphere

The Majestic Dragon Orb Set is more than just a decoration – it’s a portal to realms of fantasy and enchantment. Let it set the scene for:

  • Holiday celebrations – Its warm glow and magical feel make it a perfect addition to seasonal decor. Place it on the mantel or tabletop to set the mood.
  • Special occasions – Makes a stunning cake or centerpiece decoration for birthdays, weddings and parties. It will get the conversation going.
  • Collector’s cabinet – Proudly display it among your other dragon figurines and fantasy collectibles.
  • Office space – Keep the magic alive even at your workplace. This mini dragon statue can perch on your desk or shelf.
  • Night light – Its gentle glow sets the perfect ambiance for bedrooms and hallways after dark.

Wherever you place it, the Majestic Dragon Orb Set is sure to inspire a sense of wonder!

Give the Gift of Magic

Share the enchantment with a special gift for:

  • Dragon lovers – Anyone fascinated by dragons, fantasy and mythology will be thrilled to add this to their collection.
  • Collectors – Figurine collectors will appreciate the fine details and quality craftsmanship.
  • Family – An heirloom-quality decoration that generations will enjoy.
  • RPG fans – Create an immersive atmosphere for game nights.
  • Holiday gifts – Makes a special Secret Santa or white elephant present.

The Majestic Dragon Orb Set arrives gift boxed so it’s ready to give to anyone with an imagination.

Bring the magic home today! This mesmerizing dragon orb decoration will transport you to realms limited only by your imagination. Place your order now.


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