Make Every Sip Pure with the ZeroWater 40-Cup Ready-Pour Filtration System


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Tired of the impurities and off tastes in your tap water? Want better tasting water without the plastic waste of bottled water? The ZeroWater 40-Cup Filtration Dispenser is the solution. Using a five stage filtration process, this system reduces lead, chromium, PFOA, PFOS and other impurities for pure, clean tasting water straight from the tap.

The ZeroWater filtration system is NSF certified to reduce contaminants including lead, chromium and harmful PFOA/PFOS often found in tap water. The 5-stage ion exchange filtration removes virtually all Total Dissolved Solids for the purest tasting water and most thorough filtration. No other pour through pitcher filter can make this claim.

The included TDS meter allows you to test the purity of your water before and after filtration. See firsthand how ZeroWater removes impurities for the best tasting water.


40 cup capacity dispenser is perfect for family gatherings, office meetings and other events
Ready-Pour technology dispenses water while still filtering
5 stage ion exchange filtration removes virtually all TDS for pure tasting water
NSF certified to reduce Lead, Chromium, PFOA/PFOS
BPA free construction
Includes TDS meter to test water purity
Saves up to 300 single use plastic bottles per filter
Crystal Clear Refreshment

The ZeroWater Filtration system leaves you with crisp, clean tasting water. No plasticy aftertaste or strange smells – just pure refreshment. The five stage filtration process is uniquely designed to reduce virtually all dissolved solids that affect taste and health.

The stages include:

Stage 1: Polypropylene pre-filter removes rust, silt and sediment particles

Stage 2: Activated carbon filter reduces chlorine taste and odor, mercury and benzene

Stage 3: Ion exchange filter attracts the dissolved solids that affect taste

Stages 4 & 5: Final polishing filter ensures all TDS are captured leaving you with pure tasting water.

No other water filtration pitcher, dispenser or faucet filter can match the purity of ZeroWater. Only the Reverse Osmosis process is more thorough.

Large Capacity Design

The ZeroWater 40 cup dispenser offers an extra-large capacity perfect for gatherings. Keep it in your kitchen, take it to parties, fill it up for office meetings – anywhere you need crisp, clean water for a crowd.

The sleek, transparent pitcher gives the dispenser a modern feel. Watch as the 5-stage filtration process leaves you with pure water.

Thanks to the Ready-Pour design, you don’t need to wait for it to finish filtering to enjoy fresh water. The dispenser filters water as you pour giving you great tasting refreshment on demand.

When it’s time to replace the filter, an indicator light lets you know. Each filter lasts for 40 gallons or about 2-3 months for the average family. Replacement filters are affordable and widely available making ongoing use a breeze.

Eco-Friendly & Safe

Plastic water bottle waste is a huge problem. The ZeroWater filtration system provides an eco-friendly alternative. With each filter able to replace 300 single use bottles, you can significantly reduce plastic pollution over time.

In addition, Unlike some other water pitchers and dispensers, the ZeroWater system is BPA free. Enjoy pure water without risky chemicals leaching into your refreshment.

The NSF certification also gives peace of mind that this system reduces concerning water contaminants like lead, chromium 6 and PFOA/PFOS. Give your family safe, pure tasting water for every sip.

Experience Pure Thirst Quenching Water

Tired of the taste and waste from bottled water? Get back to pure, crisp tasting refreshment with the ZeroWater 40-Cup Ready-Pour Dispenser. This 5-stage filtration system leaves you with clean water free of contaminants and dissolved solids that affect taste and health.

Bring it to parties, keep it in your kitchen or take it to the office. The large 40 cup capacity and space saving round design provides filtered water whenever you need it. Stop paying for endless plastic bottles. The eco-friendly ZeroWater system gives you affordable, pure water every time.


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