Make Fast, Fresh Cold Brew Coffee at Home with Vinci’s Revolutionary Cold Brew Maker


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Tired of waiting overnight for your cold brew coffee? Get delicious cold brew in just minutes with the Vinci Express Cold Brew Patented Electric Coffee Cold Brew Maker. This innovative appliance uses patented Circle Flow technology to rapidly extract maximum flavor for a smooth, bold cold brew with virtually no sediment.

Brew Cold Brew Coffee 5x Faster Than Traditional Methods

The Vinci cold brew maker can brew a fresh batch of cold brew coffee in just 5-25 minutes depending on your preferred strength. Simply add coffee grounds and water, select your desired brew time, and let the Circle Flow technology work its magic. No more waiting 12-24 hours for your cold brew to steep. Get incredible cold brew coffee when you want it.

Customize the Strength with 4 Brew Settings

The Vinci cold brew maker lets you choose from four brew strength settings, so you can make your cold brew exactly the way you like it:

  • Light: 5 minutes for a smooth, mellow cold brew
  • Medium: 10 minutes for a balanced, flavorful cold brew
  • Bold: 15 minutes for a rich, strong cold brew
  • Extra Bold: 25 minutes for an intense, robust cold brew

Experiment to find your ideal cold brew strength or switch it up whenever you want a different flavor profile. The possibilities are endless with the fully adjustable Vinci cold brew maker.

Innovative Circle Flow Technology for Superior Extraction

The secret behind the Vinci’s incredibly fast brew times and smooth flavor is the patented Circle Flow brewing technology. It directs water in a continuous loop through the coffee grounds, optimizing contact time for efficient extraction.

The circular flow completely saturates the grounds to draw out the full spectrum of flavors. It also keeps the grounds agitated to prevent over-extraction or bitterness. The result is a complex, nuanced cold brew with velvety mouthfeel and no acidic aftertaste.

Brew and Store in One Container for Freshness

The Vinci cold brew maker features an integrated glass carafe that doubles as a storage container, streamlining your cold brew routine. Brew your cold brew then store it in the fridge for up to 10 days.

The included brewing and storage lids ensure your cold brew stays fresh. Just take the carafe out of the fridge, switch to the storage lid and enjoy delicious cold brew on demand. No more transferring to a separate container.

Self-Cleaning Function for Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining your cold brew appliance couldn’t be simpler. The Vinci has an automatic self-cleaning mode that thoroughly rinses away residual coffee oils and particles from the brewing pathway with fresh water. No disassembly or scrubbing required.

Run a cleaning cycle once a week or as needed to keep your cold brew maker hygienic and functioning like new. The convenient cleaning mode makes upkeep practically foolproof.

Compact Size Saves Precious Counter Space

Designed to be space-efficient, the Vinci cold brew maker has a small footprint. It takes up minimal room on your countertop or kitchen shelf when in use then can be easily stored away.

The integrated 37 oz glass carafe is the perfect size for making 3-4 servings of cold brew. Scale up your capacity by brewing back-to-back batches.

Ditch the Coffee Shop & Enjoy Cold Brew at Home

Stop overpaying for cold brew at coffee shops and cafés. The Vinci cold brew maker lets you quickly and easily brew café-quality cold brew at home for a fraction of the cost.

Experiment with different coffee roasts, grinds, and strengths to create your perfect cold brew. Add milk, sweeteners, or coffee ice cubes to craft your ideal iced coffee drinks.

With its speed, consistency, and convenience, the Vinci cold brew maker is a coffee game-changer. Simplify your mornings and enjoy cold brew perfection anytime.

Make Fresh, Delicious Cold Brew in Minutes with Vinci’s Innovative Cold Brew Coffee Maker


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