Make Food Last Longer with the Automated Vacuum Sealer Machine


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Tired of wasting food and money due to early spoilage? Frustrated with flimsy storage bags that do nothing to extend shelf life? Then it’s time to step up your food storage game with the Vacuum Sealer Machine. This full automatic food sealer not only keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer, it also saves you time with its one-touch fully automated operation.

Sleek, Contemporary Design

At first glance, you’ll notice the sleek and modern aesthetics of this vacuum sealer. The compact size and lightweight body are designed to look great on any countertop while taking up minimal space. The fashionable black finish blends seamlessly into any modern kitchen décor.

One-Touch Fully Automatic Sealing

Sealing your food for extended freshness has never been easier. The fully automatic function allows you to simply place the bag into the machine, select either the dry or moist food mode, and let the sealer do the rest. The appliance automatically detects the bag and starts the vacuum sealing process with no other buttons to push.

5 Convenient Food Settings

This sealer provides the ideal preservation modes for different types of food:

Dry Food Setting: Perfect for chips, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, baked goods, coffee, and more. Removes the air and seals to retain freshness and prevent staleness.

Moist Food Setting: Ideal for raw meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and other perishables. Vacuum seals in juices and moisture to prevent freezer burn.

VAC Mode: Allows you to manually control the vacuum time for custom sealing of delicate items.

External VAC Mode: Enables you to vacuum seal mason jars and wine bottles using the accessory port.

Seal Only Mode: Seals bags without vacuuming, perfect for items that are pre-frozen.

User-Friendly Design

This appliance is designed for easy, convenient use:

The stainless steel panel and electric plug-in operation allow for simple cleanup and maintenance.
LED indicator lights clearly display the sealing status.
The electric touch button control panel provides effortless mode selection.
The upper lid detaches for quick cleaning of the interior.

External Vacuum Port Accessories

The external vacuum ports provide even more versatility:

Vacuum seal mason jars to extend the life of homemade jams, sauces, and more.
Preserve open bottles of wine by sealing out air.
Use the marinating canister to quickly infuse flavors into meats.
The included accessories are compatible with most vacuum sealers for broad functionality.

Included Vacuum Sealer Bags

To get started right away, 10 durable, BPA-free vacuum sealer bags are included. The extra-thick 3-layer construction prevents tears and punctures while still allowing for a tight vacuum seal. Bags are dishwasher and microwave safe for convenience.

Lab-Tested Quality You Can Trust

With an industry-leading vacuum strength of 95Kpa, this appliance delivers professional-level sealing and preservation. The powerful pump removes virtually all air and moisture to prevent freezer burn, mold, and bacterial growth. Independent lab testing ensures the sealer provides the highest quality for safely keeping food fresh longer.

Stop Wasting Food and Money

With this user-friendly, fully automatic vacuum sealer, you can save time and extend food shelf life up to 5X longer than traditional storage methods. The one-touch operation makes it easy to seal in flavor and nutrition, eliminating waste. You’ll save hundreds of dollars a year on grocery costs while always having fresh, healthy meals on hand.

Order the Vacuum Sealer Machine today to get the most out of your food! Your satisfaction is guaranteed with included accessories, extra bags, and lab-tested quality.


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