Maximize Your Bathroom Storage Space with the UTEX 3-Tier Toilet Shelf Organizer


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Tired of cluttered countertops and messy bathrooms? The UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer is the perfect solution to maximize your storage space while adding a touch of modern style to your bathroom. This space-saving organizer fits right over your toilet tank to provide convenient open shelving, keeping your bathroom essentials tidy and within arm’s reach.

Contemporary Design That Complements Any Decor

Made from sturdy engineered wood with a sleek white finish, this 3-tier shelf has a minimalist, contemporary design that will blend seamlessly into any bathroom decor. The clean lines and neutral coloring work well with any style from modern to farmhouse chic. Display your decor, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities on the shelves for a polished, organized look.

Strong and Durable Construction

Built to last, the UTEX toilet shelf organizer features an engineered wood construction that is moisture-resistant and able to hold up to daily use. Each shelf can support up to 15 pounds, giving you plenty of storage capacity for all your bathroom items. The anti-rust metal poles keep the shelves securely in place above your toilet tank without scratching or damaging its surface. This high-quality construction ensures the shelf organizer retains its beauty and utility for years to come.

Adds Storage Without Taking Up Floor Space

Bathroom floors are often cramped, but this over-the-toilet storage solution adds space vertically to get your essentials up off the floor. The three open shelves put your toilet paper, extra towels, toiletries, candles, decor, and other items right within reach. Keeping thesenecessities at eye-level minimizes bending down and makes your daily bathroom routine more convenient.

Fits Standard Toilet Tanks

Designed for versatility, this toilet topper fits most standard toilet tanks that are 14 to 19 inches wide and 24 to 28 inches long. The slim shelves take up minimal space above the tank, measuring just 5.5 inches deep. Adjustable metal rods allow you to customize the height as needed to fit your toilet and bathroom space.

Open Shelving for Easy Access

The three open shelves make contents visible at a glance so you can quickly grab what you need. The open design also allows for easy cleaning. Just reach the shelves to wipe them down as you clean the rest of your bathroom. With everything in plain sight, you’ll never have to go digging under the sink or into drawers again.

Get Organized with Designated Spaces

The three-tier design is perfect for organizing all your essentials. Keep spare toilet paper rolls on the top shelf for quick and easy access. Extra hand towels and washcloths can go on the middle shelf, while the bottom shelf is ideal for spray cleaners, air freshener, and toilet cleaning supplies. The shelves also provide the perfect platform for decorating your bathroom with plants, candles, or other accents.

Enjoy a Clutter-Free, Stylish Bathroom

Say goodbye to messy countertops and enjoy a decluttered bathroom with the convenience of this over-the-toilet organizer. The white finish gives any bathroom a clean, crisp look. No more picking up bottles and containers that fall over onto the floor. The shelves corral all your items to keep them neat and tidy. This shelf storage solution maximizes your existing space for a bathroom that looks great and functions efficiently.


Materials: Engineered wood, metal poles
Dimensions: 30.5” H x 25.5” W x 5.5” D
Shelf Dimensions: 10.5” D x 24.5” W
Weight: 11 lbs
Weight Capacity Per Shelf: 15 lbs
Fits Toilet Tanks 14” – 19” W x 24” – 28” L

Satisfaction Guaranteed

UTEX provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on this 3-tier toilet shelf storage unit. We stand behind the quality of our bathroom shelves and aim for every customer to be fully satisfied with their purchase. If you have any issues with this product, please reach out so we can make it right.

Maximize your bathroom storage and organization with this space-saving 3-shelf toilet organizer from UTEX. The sleek and contemporary design adds style and convenience over your toilet tank. Keep your bathroom essentials neatly displayed and within reach with this elegant storage solution.


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