Meet the Future of Wall Clocks – Sleek, Modern, and Smart


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Tired of the same old boring clock on your wall? Looking to liven up your space with something stylish yet functional? Look no further than the all-new West Ocean LED Oversize WiFi Smart Digital Wall Clock. This innovative clock completely reinvents the wall clock with its huge 6 inch bright vivid red LED display, integrated WiFi for smart features, and ultra thin modern design.

Huge 6 Inch Super Bright LED Display is Easy to Read from Across the Room

The extra-large LED display on this clock ensures you’ll be able to read the time from anywhere in the room. With a crisp and clear 6 inch tall single digit display, this LED clock is perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, warehouses, production facilities, and anywhere you need an easy-to-read clock.

The display uses long lasting, energy efficient LED lights to illuminate the time. With 170 SMD LEDs providing the illumination, the 6 inch high number will maintain its brightness for years of continuous use.

And with 3 levels of adjustable display brightness, you can customize the clock for your environment. Set it to maximum brightness for well lit rooms, tone it down for nighttime viewing, or set it to auto adjust based on ambient light conditions.

Smart WiFi Connectivity and Control

This LED wall clock has built-in WiFi connectivity, allowing you to connect it to your wireless network and control it from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. After downloading the free app or accessing the web interface, you’ll be able to set the time, customize display brightness, program countdowns and more.

The clock auto-syncs the time from Internet time servers, ensuring accurate timekeeping that automatically adjusts for daylight saving time changes. By connecting the clock to WiFi, you’ll never need to adjust it manually.

Programmable Countdowns, Alarms, and Timers

This West Ocean WiFi Clock goes beyond just displaying the time. You can program countdown timers of up to 99 days, perfect for counting down to important events. Need an alarm to wake you up? You can set multiple daily alarms with custom labels.

There are 3 modes for setting up timers and alarms:

Single event – program a one time timer or alarm
Daily repeat – set alarms to repeat every day
Weekday/Weekend – customize alarms for weekdays vs weekends
All your programmed alarms, countdowns, and timers are easily accessible using the remote control or smartphone app.

Hassle-Free Accuracy with Auto Daylight Saving Time Adjustments

Never worry about manually changing your clock again. This smart WiFi clock will automatically sync the official US time servers and adjust for Daylight Saving Time. The clock self-calibrates every day to provide accurate, hassle-free timekeeping.

Stylish Modern Design

With its thin glossy black frame and acrylic crystal clear cover, this LED clock oozes modern style. The super slim body blends into any decor seamlessly.

Mount it on the wall with the built-in keyhole slots or displayed on a desk or shelf using the integrated tripod mount on the back. The clock can be powered via the included AC adapter or with 4 AA batteries (not included) for cordless convenience.

Auto Rotate Display Works in Portrait or Landscape Orientation

The built-in auto rotate function allows flexible placement of the clock. With the internal gravity sensor, the clock will automatically adjust the display orientation based on how you mount or position it.

Hang it vertically or horizontally, the time will always show right side up! No more angling your head or neck to read the clock.

Superior Quality and Engineering

As with all West Ocean products, this WiFi LED clock is engineered with only premium quality components. The shatterproof acrylic lens and durable ABS plastic body ensure this clock will maintain its good looks for years. The 32-bit microprocessor brain provides smart connectivity and smooth performance.

West Ocean provides a 45 day money back guarantee and 18 month replacement warranty. With outstanding style, intelligent features, and impressive build quality, this is the last wall clock you’ll ever need!


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