Mini Stowit – The Modern Jewelry Box That Keeps Your Treasures Organized and Safe


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Tired of rummaging through messy jewelry boxes or drawers trying to find your favorite accessories? Sick of tangled necklaces and bracelets or earrings that have lost their mates? Introducing the Mini Stowit by Umbra – the modern jewelry box that keeps all your precious keepsakes neatly organized so you can find what you need in a flash.

This innovative jewelry organizer features a clean, contemporary design with ample storage that keeps your jewelry, watches, rings, earrings, and other accessories tidy yet easily accessible. The stylish hardwood box with sleek metal hardware will look elegant displayed on your dresser, vanity, or nightstand. More than just a spot to toss your jewels, Mini Stowit helps protect your cherished belongings and provides handy compartments to store items separately so they never get jumbled again.

The Mini Stowit makes the perfect gift for the stylish woman in your life who wants her sparkling accessories displayed and stored with care. Here are more details on the features that make this jewelry box stand out:

Hidden Storage with Compartments Galore
The Mini Stowit is designed to keep your valuables out of sight so they stay protected. The covered box hides four pull-out drawers of assorted sizes to separately store various jewelry pieces based on their shape and size. Small ring rolls keep rings from getting misshapen or scratched. A longer pull-out tray has divided sections for organizing dangly earrings, while a top shelf provides a designated spot for your favorite necklaces and chains. With a place for everything, you’ll never have to rummage through a messy pile to find what you want.

Stylish Display Area for Favorite Pieces

The sleek hardwood top surface of the Mini Stowit jewelry box lets you prominently display rings, watches, bracelets or other treasured keepsakes you access regularly. Show off your style by decorating the display area with your most cherished crystals, figurines or personal artifacts. The open design allows you to easily grab items when needed so your daily favorites are always within reach.

Protective Design to Pamper Your Jewels
Don’t let your precious gems get damaged or disorganized again. The Mini Stowit jewelry organizer has a covered design to keep contents private, secure and dust-free when closed. Plush linen fabric lines each storage compartment to gently cushion your jewelry. And the rubber feet prevent the box from slipping on tabletops while also keeping surfaces scratch-free.

Compact Storage for Limited Space
Measuring just 5.5 inches long by 4 inches wide, the Mini Stowit jewelry box is sized right for use atop crowded vanities, dressers and nightstands. The small but mighty storage box helps corral clutter so you can keep a tidier space. And if you need to transport your jewels when traveling, the mini design with hidden compartments is perfect for ensuring pieces stay secure en route.

Modern Styling to Complement Your Decor
With its sleek contemporary styling, the Mini Stowit jewelry box looks elegant displayed anywhere in your bedroom or dressing area. The geometric wooden design finished in chic black or walnut complements both traditional and modern decor. Whether placed atop a dressed or vanity, this storage box adds visual interest while helping you organize your space.

Why You’ll Love the Mini Stowit Modern Jewelry Box:

Hidden storage keeps valuables concealed and secure
Pull-out drawers and trays organized rings, earrings, bracelets & more
Display top shows off favorite pieces and personal keepsakes
Protective rubber feet prevent slipping and scratches
Plush linen lining shields jewelry from damage
Compact size is perfect for tight spaces and for travel
Sleek contemporary design looks elegant anywhere
Keep Your Valuables Organized in Style
Bring order to your jewelry collection with the Umbra Mini Stowit Modern Jewelry Box. The hidden storage compartments keep your precious gems and metals protected so they stay pristine. Multiple drawer sizes help you neatly organize all your rings, necklaces, earrings and more so everything has a designated place.

No longer will you waste time rummaging through a messy pile trying to find matching earrings or your favorite bracelet. The Mini Stowit’s smart storage features make it easy to access exactly what you want in seconds. Its clean modern styling looks beautiful on display, complementing any bedroom or dressing room decor.

Give the special lady in your life the gift of organized accessories with the Umbra Mini Stowit Jewelry Box. She’ll love knowing all her valuables have a safe, tidy home.


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