Radiant Reflections Await with the WEILY Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror


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Get ready to put your best face forward each morning with the WEILY Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror. As soon as you sit down at this glamorous vanity mirror, you’ll feel like a celebrity getting ready for a red carpet appearance or movie premiere. But thanks to its thoughtful design and illuminating features, this mirror isn’t just for A-listers. It’s the perfect way for women everywhere to look their luminous best each day.

##Illuminate Your Beauty Routine with Customizable Lighting
With its 12 dimmable LED bulbs across the top and sides, this smart mirror provides customizable lighting so you can achieve your ideal view. Select from three color modes – daylight, cool white, and warm yellow – to create the perfect ambience for makeup application, skincare, hair styling, and more. The adjustable brightness allows you to dim or increase the lighting intensity to suit your needs. No more squinting or shadows when you’re trying to apply eyeliner or get every hair in place. The lighting options ensure you’ll have a clear, bright view for flawless results.

##Enhance and Empower Your Glamour Routine
The ample 14.37” x 18.90” rectangular mirror gives you a head-to-toe view so you can perfect your whole ensemble before heading out the door. Check that your outfit complements your makeup rather than competes with it. Make sure your hairstyle aligns with the overall vibe you’re going for. With its ultra clear, high quality glass, this mirror reflects back an accurate image so you know you look as glamorous as you feel.

##Intuitive Controls at Your Fingertips
This smart mirror makes it easy to create your desired lighting ambience. The middle button operates as an on/off switch. Simply press the “M” button to cycle through the three color modes, while the “P” button lets you easily adjust the brightness up or down. Thanks to the memory function, the mirror will turn on in the mode you last used. No need to fumble to find the right setting each time. The intuitive controls ensure your mirror is ready to illuminate your beauty routine whenever inspiration strikes.

##Flawless Style from Every Angle
Achieve picture perfect style no matter where you’re standing with the mirror’s 360-degree rotation. Adjust the angle with just a gentle push or pivot to get the perfect view whether you’re sitting or standing. Check the back of your hairstyle, see if your necklace lays just right, and ensure your outfit looks fabulous from all angles. The smooth rotation and stable sturdy base let you customize your viewing angle with ease.

##Light Up Your Vanity with Lasting Durability
Designed to be an elegant focal point in your bedroom or dressing area, this LED mirror features sleek curved accents, a heavy weighted base, and durable metal frame built to last. The long-lasting LED bulbs deliver illumination without heat, so you don’t have to worry about accidental burns. This well-constructed mirror withstands daily use and continues providing perfect views year after year. The sturdy base keeps the mirror firmly planted on your vanity without wobbling or tipping.

##Modern Style Meets Practical Convenience
With its clean lines and illuminated border, this mirror brings contemporary style to your vanity. The rectangular silhouette complements a range of decor styles from modern to traditional. Place it on your dressing table or bathroom vanity to introduce eye-catching Hollywood glamour. The convenient bottom shelf provides space to store perfumes, jewelry, makeup and more. Keep your must-have beauty items at your fingertips. An integrated USB port allows you to charge devices like phones, tablets or laptops.

##Light Up Your Mornings & Events with Confidence
Make every day your own personal red carpet event with this self-confidence boosting mirror. Let the bright lighting illuminate your natural beauty as you get ready for work, a special night out, or simply because you want to feel pampered. Well-lit views help you apply makeup with expert precision so you can highlight your best features. Use the customizable lighting options to set the perfect mood whether you’re preparing for a romantic date or girls’ night out.

##The Complete Vanity Mirror That Shines On Its Own
With no assembly, wiring, or installation required, this plug-in mirror is easy to use right out of the box. Simply turn it on and adjust the settings as desired. No need to hire an electrician or handyman. Hang it on the wall or place it on the vanity – wherever you want to create your own glam room. This self-contained mirror lights up your space in style.

##An Inspiring Gift for Any Woman
Surprise the special woman in your life with this gift that illuminates from within. She’ll think of you each morning when she sees her beautiful reflection in its flattering light. It’s sure to be cherished by moms, girlfriends, wives, sisters, and friends for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more. Help her light up her mornings, empower her beauty routine, and feel like a star wherever she goes.

Treat yourself or a leading lady in your life to effortlessly elegant style with the WEILY Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror. With customizable lighting options, smart features, and elegant design, this mirror enhances her natural beauty so she can shine every single day.


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