Radiantly Reflect Your True Self with Vierose’s Extra-Large Vanity Mirror


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Ever feel like your bathroom mirror truncates your reflection? Do you find yourself leaning awkwardly on your countertop to see your whole outfit? Not with Vierose’s Extra-Large 20” Round Vanity Mirror with Lights! The expansive 20” diameter provides a complete panoramic view so you can perfect every detail for a polished head-to-toe look.

Gone are the days of squinting and second-guessing your makeup application or hilarious yoga-like poses to see if your necklace matches your shoes. This smart mirror makes getting ready effortless with 3 customizable lighting modes to suit any task or time of day:

Natural Daylight Setting – Ideal for applying makeup and evaluating tones/coverage in normal lighting conditions. Mimics the sun’s natural light for an authentic preview of your look.

Bright Warm Setting – Perfect for detailed makeup application like lining eyes or lipstick. Warmer 3,000K lighting shows true colors for precise application.

Gentle Evening Setting – Softer lighting alternative for low-light environments. Cool 5,000K LEDs brighten without glare.

With a simple touch of the smart button, you can turn the halo lights on/off and toggle between the 3 modes to find your perfect match. The brightness is also fully dimmable, gradually adjusting with a long press to customize the intensity. No more harsh lights washing you out!

The generous 20” viewing area provides head-to-toe visibility so you can evaluate your whole ensemble, not just your face. The crystal clear, copper-free silver glass delivers distortion-free images at any angle with a 97% reflectivity rating for true color rendering.

Constructed of durable tempered silver glass to prevent warping, Vierose’s vanity mirror is built to last. The solid metal weighted base provides stability on any desk or dresser so you can apply makeup and style hair hands-free. With an integrated 12V UL-certified power adapter and 50,000 hour LED bulbs, the long-lasting lights will brighten your mornings for years to come.

Make getting gorgeous a breeze with Vierose’s Extra-Large Vanity Mirror. The expansive view, customizable lighting, and effortless touch controls help you pull together a head-to-toe look with confidence. No more guesswork or awkward poses. This smart mirror provides the brilliant lighting and complete picture you need to reflect your best self.

Product Features:

  • Extra-large 20” diameter viewing area reveals head-to-toe reflection
  • 3 lighting modes: Natural Daylight, Warm Evening, Bright Makeup
  • Fully dimmable LED halo lights with touch controls
  • Copper-free, 97% clarity tempered silver glass
  • Distortion-free reflection and true color rendering
  • Sturdy weighted metal base for stability
  • Built-in 12V UL certified power adapter
  • Long-lasting, energy efficient LED halo lighting
  • Shatterproof, corrosion resistant silver mirror

Illuminate Your Beauty Routine

A mirror with inadequate lighting can leave your makeup looking far from flawless. Dim overhead bulbs or sunlight from a window often cast shadows or alter colors. Vierose’s smart LED halo lights surround the mirror to bathe your face in natural-looking illumination for expertly blended makeup every time.

The adjustable brightness allows you to customize the lighting to suit any task. Subtle lower lighting lets you identify makeup tones in normal environments. Increase the brightness for detailed makeup application like eyeliner or lipstick when you need to see every stroke.

With a 97% light reflectivity, the distortion-free tempered glass provides true color rendering. See your makeup exactly as it will look in real life, not washed out or tinted. No more guessing how your face will look outside the bathroom!

Flattering Visibility for Head-to-Toe Looks

Vierose’s 20” diameter mirror provides complete visibility from head to toe so you can evaluate your whole look before heading out the door. The expansive viewing area eliminates the need for small hand mirrors to see details. Check that your eyeshadow complements your blouse, your necklace matches your shoes, and your layers are sitting just right.

The large viewing angle also allows you to easily match accessories like sunglasses or hats. See how jewelry pairs with your hairstyle. With full visibility, you can style yourself with confidence and coordinate polished looks before leaving the house.

Sturdy and Stable for Any Space

The solid weighted base provides superior stability for the oval mirror atop any bedroom vanity, dresser, or desk. Apply makeup and style hair hands-free without the mirror shaking or tipping over.

Built with shatterproof silver glass and an anti-corrosion coating, it withstands heavy daily use without warping or degrading over time. The integrated power adapter ensures consistent performance and longevity. With a 50,000 hour bulb life, the LED halo lights will brighten up your beauty routine for years of uninterrupted use.

Transform Your Beauty Routine with Consistent Lighting

Inconsistent lighting while applying makeup can sabotage your looks. One side of your face may look flawless and blended while the other seems washed out or uneven. Vierose’s dimmable LED lighting surrounds the mirror to cast even illumination so both sides match. No more lopsided makeup woes!

The adjustable halo lets you customize the brightness and color temperature for any activity. Warm lighting helps you apply makeup precisely. Cooler hues evaluate colors accurately without casting strange shadows. The smart touch controls make it easy to find your perfect lighting.

Upgrade your beauty station with Vierose’s smart vanity mirror and enjoy effortless makeup application. The expansive viewing area, customizable LED lighting, and stable weighted base help you look your radiant best every morning. Just a touch of a button delivers salon-quality lighting to reveal your most confident, polished self.


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