Rule the Kitchen with the Sharp and Versatile WÜSTHOF Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife


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This WÜSTHOF 8″ chef’s knife is the essential culinary workhorse for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing all of your ingredients. As part of the legendary WÜSTHOF Classic series, it offers outstanding durability and cutting performance honed over centuries of German knifemaking tradition.

With its full tang and triple-riveted synthetic handle, this knife provides a secure, ergonomic grip. The iconic WÜSTHOF design features a full bolster for balance and a finger guard for safety. At 8 ounces, it has a reassuring heft without being overly heavy.

The high-carbon stainless steel blade holds its wickedly sharp edge twice as long as previous WÜSTHOF models, thanks to the Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) used in forging. Hand-honed to a razor finish, it slices cleanly with minimal resistance.

Bring seven generations of knifemaking excellence into your kitchen with the WÜSTHOF Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife. Nothing else chops, dices, or minces quite like a precision-forged WÜSTHOF, proudly carrying the Solingen name reserved for Germany’s finest cutlery.


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