Say Goodbye to Food Waste with This Amazing Vacuum Sealer


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Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer with the KitchenHero Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Have you ever had to throw away expensive meats, veggies, or leftovers because they went bad before you could eat them? It’s frustrating wasting money and food like that. But now there’s an easy solution – the KitchenHero automatic vacuum sealer machine!

This compact but powerful appliance removes air from specially designed bags to keep food fresh up to 10 times longer than traditional storage methods. Use it to seal meats, produce, cheese, leftovers, and more. Vacuum sealing locks in flavor and nutrients while preventing freezer burn. It’s a game changer for your fridge and freezer!

Lock in Freshness and Flavor

The KitchenHero vacuum sealer removes oxygen from sealed food bags. This oxidation is what causes early food spoilage and freezer burn. By removing the air, it preserves food’s natural moisture, nutrients, flavors, colors, and textures. Meat and fish will retain their juiciness and steaks will taste like you just grilled them – even after months in the freezer. Fruits and veggies will maintain their crunch and ripe flavors. It even keeps baked goods soft and moist. The difference vacuum sealing makes is amazing!

Save Money by Reducing Food Waste

Almost 40% of the average household’s food ends up in the trash. Vacuum sealing lets you make the most of the groceries you buy. Prep and seal meats, produce, cheeses, and leftovers in handy portions. No more mystery leftovers lingering in the fridge or giant frozen slabs of meat. Thaw only what you need or whip up ready-to-cook meals. You save time and cut kitchen waste. It’s like money in the bank!

Easy, Fast Sealing in Just a Few Seconds

Sealing your food is simple with the fully automatic one-touch operation. The easy-to-use control panel has preset modes for wet and dry foods. For moist items like cooked meats or soups, use the wet setting. For veggies, baked goods, nuts, granola, etc, opt for the dry mode. Just lay your bag in the vacuum chamber, close the lid, and press the button. In just 5-8 seconds, the appliance removes the air and secures your seal. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Multifunctional Performance You’ll Love

Not only can this vacuum sealer extend food shelf life, but it also comes with handy functions:

  • Built-in roll storage & cutter for custom-sized bags
  • Seals jars for homemade jams, sauces, etc.
  • Marinates meats in minutes instead of hours
  • Sous vide cooking prep
  • Seals items for the pantry like crackers, dried fruits, etc.

With a 12.6 inch sealing bar, you can seal everything from small snacks to large roasts and everything in between. The 135W motor ensures a strong seal every time, even on heavy duty bags.

User-Friendly and Safe Design

Engineered for convenience and safety, the KitchenHero vacuum sealer features:

  • LED progress lights to monitor sealing
  • Separate power cord for easy storage
  • Removable drip tray to catch overflow liquids
  • Transparent viewing lid to monitor progress
  • External vacuum for sealing jars
  • Detachable upper housing for quick cleaning
  • Overheating protection

It meets all UL safety standards and is ETL certified. BPA-free materials also give you peace of mind.

Get Started with the Complete Starter Kit

The KitchenHero vacuum sealing system comes with everything you need:

  • Powerful vacuum sealer machine
  • 15 BPA-free vacuum bags (7.87 x 9.84 inches)
  • Handy hose for sealing jars and canisters
  • AC power cord and adapter
  • Comprehensive user manual

Stop throwing money away on spoiled food. Take control of your grocery budget and prep with the KitchenHero automatic vacuum sealer. This Amazon #1 best-selling appliance is loved by thousands of home cooks. Join them in enjoying fresher, tastier food that lasts weeks, months, or even years longer. Click add to cart now to get started!


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