Show Off Your Treasures in Style with These Versatile Acrylic Display Boxes


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Treat your keepsakes and collectibles to the display case they deserve. These acrylic riser display boxes from Tuanse provide a sleek, elegant way to showcase all those special items you’ve gathered over the years. Available in three convenient sizes, they offer the perfect accent piece for any room in your home.

Display and Organize Your Favorite Things

Do you have a collection of miniatures, figurines, ornaments, or other trinkets you’re proud of? Are your shelves and surfaces cluttered with treasured souvenirs and family heirlooms? Bring order to the chaos with these clear acrylic display cubes. Their clean lines and crisp geometric shape make an attractive addition to any decor.

The transparent acrylic lets the beauty of your objects take center stage. Stack multiple cubes together to build a fun, whimsical tower or align them in neat rows for a minimalist look. Your items will be dust-free yet clearly visible behind the protective acrylic barriers.

Use them in your:

  • Living room – Display decorative items like vases, candles, and framed photos.
  • Bedroom – Organize jewelry, perfumes, and keepsakes.
  • Office – Hold desk supplies in style.
  • Kids’ rooms – Show off favorite toys and treasures.
  • Shelves and cabinets – Instantlydeclutter packed spaces.

Wherever you put them, these clear acrylic display boxes lend a touch of refinement.

3 Convenient Sizes for Any Collection

With small, medium, and large cubes included, you can find the perfect fit for all your prized possessions.

The dimensions of each acrylic riser size are:

  • Large: 7.9 x 7.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Medium: 7.1 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches
  • Small: 5.9 x 5.9 x 2 inches

Mix and match to suit your needs. The small cubes are ideal for displaying miniature figurines, sea shells, or jewelry. Medium boxes work great for vases, candles, and similar decorative items. Large risers have ample room for collectible toys, stuffed animals, and bigger trinkets.

Stack multiples together for a fun tiered effect or line them up in linear rows to keep items neatly organized. With 6 cubes total, you’ll have plenty for all your display needs.

Sleek, Modern Design

These clear display cubes feature clean lines and right angles for a contemporary look. Their transparent, optical-grade acrylic blends into any space while keeping the focus on the items inside each case. The flawless acrylic smoothy refracts light for a crystal clear display.

Five sides enclose your treasures, while the bottom remains open for easy access. Clean, beveled edges give the cubes a polished, upscale feel. The hollow bottom provides an airier display than crowded shelves.

Place them anywhere you want to add a modern, museum-like element. Their fuss-free style complements any room’s existing decor.

Sturdy Acrylic Construction

Built to last, each acrylic display box is crafted from shatter-resistant acrylic. The durable plastic withstands chipping, cracking, or fading over time. Acrylic naturally repels dust and debris.

These cubes are lightweight yet sturdy enough to securely hold fragile items and prevent tipped-over accidents. Their stackable design allows safe, stable towers. The smooth acrylic won’t scratch or scuff your precious belongings.

While tough enough for daily use, take care to avoid direct sunlight and excessive moisture. The acrylic can withstand gentle cleaning with a soft cloth.

Give Your Collections the Display They Deserve

Collections reflect your passions, travels, family history, and style. Treasure them for years to come in these clear acrylic display cases. Their clean, versatile design works everywhere from minimalist modern spaces to cozy, cluttered homes.

Show off your favorite miniatures, souvenirs, antique dishes, or any special belongings in these chic acrylic risers. Their transparent material keeps the focus on your treasures instead of the display.

Choose these acrylic cubes for an elegant way to organize and exhibit your most cherished items. Discover the joy in surrounding yourself with beautiful things when you add these acrylic display boxes to your home.


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