Spread Your Wings and Soar with the Song of Joy Angel from Willow Tree


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Experience pure bliss and harmonious delight with the Song of Joy angel, a charmingly crafted and hand-painted resin figure from Willow Tree that embodies the ecstasy of singing, soaring, and celebrating life’s treasured moments. Standing 18 inches tall with graceful wire wings, this angel figurine elevates any space with its inspiring presence.

An Ethereal Figure Full of Grace

Expertly sculpted by artist Susan Lordi, the Song of Joy angel features a slim figure dressed in a cream-colored gown with a full, flowing skirt. Her arms raised to her mouth in song, this angel appears frozen in a graceful ballet pose, as if caught mid-twirl. Delicate celestial symbols adorn her dress, adding an ethereal touch. With her eyes closed and head tilted slightly back, her expression is one of true joy and jubilation.

Hand-Painted Details Bring Her to Life

While the original Song of Joy angel was carved by Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City, this figure is cast from her timeless original and painted lovingly by hand. The exceptional attention to detail brings out the angel’s inner light. From her peach-toned skin and pink flushed cheeks to her golden hair falling in waves, every brushstroke enhances her lifelike beauty. Even the feathers on her wings are individually painted for a realistic effect.

An Angelic Addition to Any Décor

Display the Song of Joy angel on a shelf, mantel, or tabletop to uplift any room with her graceful presence. Her lightweight wire wings allow you to position her in different poses, while her weighted round base keeps her stable. Place her among greenery and flowers to complement her organic style or let her preside over holiday décor as a celebratory centerpiece. She also makes a meaningful gift for celebrations, milestones, and new beginnings.

The Story Behind the Sculpture

The Song of Joy angel was designed as part of the expansive Willow Tree nativity collection, which features hand-carved figures depicting the Christmas story. While she may be displayed as part of a nativity scene, this angel’s message transcends any one occasion. The sentiment “Singing… Soaring! All in universal harmony” printed on the included enclosure card reflects the Sculptor Susan Lordi’s inspiration behind the design. This angel represents the human expressions of true joy and jubilation through song, dance, and praise.

Ideal for Gift Giving

Presented in a fitted gift box ready for presenting, the Song of Joy angel makes a thoughtful gift for any special occasion. Her inspiring message makes her ideal for:

Weddings – Share joy and harmony with the newlyweds
Birthdays – Celebrate another trip around the sun
Graduations – Commemorate new adventures ahead
Anniversaries – Mark another year of marriage
New homes – Bless a new space with happiness
Baby showers – Spread joy for the new arrival
Religious celebrations – Embody spiritual devotion
Holidays – Spread harmony and cheer
An Heirloom-Quality Sculpture

Willow Tree angels become cherished heirlooms passed down for generations. Each hand-painted figure is intentionally designed to represent timeless human emotions and connections. The Song of Joy angel will continue spreading her message of jubilation for years to come. Display her as a constant reminder to spread your wings dance and sing your way through life’s precious moments.


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