Stay Hydrated In Style with the ZUWOZU 128oz Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


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Never go thirsty again with the ZUWOZU 128oz insulated water bottle – the largest capacity stainless steel water bottle on the market. With its huge 1 gallon (128oz) capacity, this jug has you covered whether you’re hiking, at the gym, on a road trip, or just sipping water at your desk. The ZUWOZU water bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 48 hours and hot for up to 24 hours, so you’ll always have perfectly chilled water on hand.

Triple Layer Insulation Technology Keeps Drinks Ice Cold

The ZUWOZU water jug features a triple layer insulation system to keep your drinks icy cold or piping hot for hours on end. An inner and outer stainless steel wall work together with a copper insulation layer in the middle to create a vacuum seal that locks in temperatures exceptionally well. The bottle doesn’t sweat or transfer heat, so no more wet hands or condensation rings on your desk!

The outer layer has a matte powder coating that enhances grip and further insulates your beverage, while also preventing scratches and abrasions. Each component is BPA-free and FDA-approved for food safety.

Built Tough With Premium 18/8 Stainless Steel

This extra large water bottle is constructed from ultra durable 18/8 stainless steel that’s non-toxic, odorless, and 100% BPA free. Made with an optimal blend of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, the steel resists corrosion, oxidation, and impacts. It won’t easily dent, rust, or pick up strange odors or tastes from its contents.

The high quality steel withstands the rigors of daily use, retaining its sleek shape even after months or years of regular refilling. All materials are specially selected for purity, with no chemical linings or coatings on any interior surfaces. Just pure, fresh water every time.

Ergonomic Carry Options for On-The-Go Hydration

Designed for portability, the 1 gallon water bottle includes a detachable paracord strap for easy carrying. The durable strap has a comfy padded section that contours to your hand, preventing fatigue from lugging around a full gallon of liquid.

The bottle also comes with three interchangeable lids so you can sip and drink from any angle. The handle lid is best for insulation. The straw lid allows one-handed sipping while on the go. And the chug lid facilitates quick gulps when you need to rehydrate fast.

Each lid is crafted from BPA-free plastic and engineered to be 100% leakproof when closed. Thick silicone seals keep water locked inside, even when tipped over. Lids twist off smoothly for quick refills.

drink More Water with a 128 Ounce Jumbo Capacity

With most other water bottles topping out at 32oz, the ZUWOZU 128oz jug lets you carry far more water at a time. The spacious 1 gallon capacity means less frequent refills and more uninterrupted hydration.

Store this large bottle in your car or bag without compromising space. The slim straight-walled shape takes up minimal room. Or just keep it handy on your desk for bottomless refills throughout the workday.

Whether you’re an athlete, outdoorsman, or just want more water intake in your daily routine, this jug bottle lets you drink more while carrying less. Share with family or friends on road trips, camping getaways, and beach days too.

The Ultimate Reusable Bottle for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Plastic water bottles are notoriously bad for the environment. Make the switch to reusable stainless steel bottles like this 1 gallon jug to cut down your plastic waste. It also eliminates the need to constantly buy disposable water bottles.

Made using durable, high quality materials, this bottle is engineered to last years with proper care. That means thousands of plastic bottles kept out of overflowing landfills and ocean ecosystems.

The premium stainless steel also lends itself well to recycling at the end of its lifespan. So you can feel good about making a choice that’s healthy for you and healthy for the planet too.

An Essential Hydration Companion for Any Setting

Keep this oversized water bottle on hand for:

Outdoor adventures – Hiking, camping, fishing, days at the beach
Gym and fitness – Hydrate during intense workouts or yoga sessions
Team sports – Keep teammates hydrated during practice and games
Travel – Road trips, flights, hotel stays
Office – Reduce plastic bottle waste and coffee runs
At home – Always have cold, filtered water available
Wherever you go, a reliable water bottle is a must. With its unrivaled insulation technology and huge capacity, the ZUWOZU jug is the last water bottle you’ll ever need.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

ZUWOZU stands behind the quality of our premium insulated water bottles. Your purchase includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with your water jug for any reason, just let us know.

Your order also includes:

3 Interchangeable lids for multiple drinking options
Removable paracord strap for easy carrying
2 reusable straws with cleaning brush
Protective silicone sleeve
Free gift box for easy gifting
Pick from stylish color options like black, blue, gray, and more. At nearly half the price of competitors, the ZUWOZU 128oz insulated stainless steel jug gives you exceptional value.

Make the smart investment in your health and lifestyle by clicking Add to Cart today. Stay refreshed and hydrated wherever life takes you with the ZUWOZU 1 gallon water bottle.


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