SureFit Duck Cotton Relaxed Fit Sofa Slipcover – Stylishly Comfortable Furniture Protector for Your Home


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Give your living room an instant style upgrade with the SureFit duck cotton relaxed fit sofa slipcover. This stylish and comfortable 1-piece slipcover is designed to keep your sofa looking its best while protecting it from spills, stains, pet fur, and everyday wear and tear.

Crafted from 100% natural, heavyweight cotton canvas, this slipcover provides a casual relaxed fit that drapes beautifully over your furniture. The crisp pure cotton material is soft to the touch yet durable enough for daily use. It’s the perfect way to refresh your decor, mask worn fabrics and cushions, or cover up old stains.

Custom Tailored to Fit Most Standard Sofas

Finding a slipcover that actually fits your sofa can be a challenge. That’s why SureFit slipcovers are designed with you in mind. This slipcover is tailored to fit most standard sized sofas measuring 74-96” wide (outside arm to outside arm), 30-40” tall, and 32-42” deep.

The elastic ends of the cover wrap securely underneath the sofa to keep it snugly in place. Simply tuck any excess fabric into the gaps and crevices of your furniture for a custom contoured look. No more dealing with ill-fitting ready-made covers that bunch, slip, and shift around.

Soft, Breathable Cotton for All-Day Comfort

Lounge in total comfort with the natural breathability of 100% cotton. The heavyweight 12-ounce cotton canvas has a nice soft handfeel and will only get softer over time. The fabric is dense enough to disguise lumps, bumps, and flaws in older sofas. Yet it still allows air to circulate, unlike synthetic fabrics that can feel sticky and trap heat.

Cotton is also a durable, long-lasting material that actually improves with wear. It will develop a unique patina as the fibers conform to the shape of your sofa. Tiny wrinkles and creases add casual character that reflects your personal style.

Built to Withstand Everyday Wear and Tear

From rowdy pets to messy kids, your furniture takes a daily beating. This SureFit slipcover is specially constructed to withstand rips, tears, pilling, and abrasion that destroy upholstery.

The heavyweight cotton canvas has innate strength and a tighter weave than lighter fabrics. It does not pill or fray easily, so it retains its smooth appearance even after laundering. Dense cotton fibers resist snags from pet claws and hold up to human traffic without showing excessive wear. Any accidental stains can be spot cleaned or tossed in the wash.

You invest good money in your sofa. Protect that investment with a durable cover that preserves the integrity and extends the life of your upholstery. Avoid costly repairs or replacement costs by shielding your furniture from inevitable spills and accidents.

Wrinkle-Free Cotton Material

Nobody likes fussing with wrinkled, unkempt slipcovers. This SureFit cover is specially treated to resist wrinkles and releases them from the fabric. Even after washing, the cotton rebounds to regain its smooth, crisp texture.

The relaxed silhouette also helps conceal wrinkles and curves gracefully over furniture. For best results, promptly shake out the slipcover after removing it from the dryer. Then allow it to air dry completely before putting it back on your sofa.

Easy On and Off for Laundering

Life can get messy with kids, pets or clumsy adults in the home. When accidents happen, you’ll appreciate how easy this slipcover is to remove and toss in the washing machine.

No need to struggle with cumbersome zippers or fasteners. Just lift off one piece and throw it straight into your home laundry. Wash on a gentle cycle in cold water, then tumble dry low.

Putting it back on is just as simple. Just be sure your sofa is completely dry first. The slipcover goes on like a fitted sheet and secures beneath the cushions with elastic corners.

Customize Your Look

The SureFit slipcover comes in a Natural undyed cotton that serves as a neutral canvas. Add your own splash of color and personality by layering decorative throws or accent pillows on top. Change up the look any time with different colors and patterns to match your mood or decor.

Or leave it natural for a casual, organic look that works in any style home. The natural cotton complements both rustic farmhouse and modern grey-toned palettes. Dress it up with pillows and blankets or keep it simple for an understated look.

Reasons to Choose the SureFit Duck Cotton Sofa Slipcover

✓ Protects against everyday wear, stains, spills, and pet fur

✓ Designed to fit most standard sofas with elastic corners

✓ Soft, breathable 100% cotton canvas gets even softer over time

✓ Dense weave resists wrinkles, shrinking, snags, and abrasion

✓ Makes old, worn sofas look crisp and refreshed again

✓ Easy on/off for machine washing and tumble dry low

✓ Built to last and retain its good looks through many launderings

✓ Natural color complements any style decor traditional to modern

✓ Customize with throws and accent pillows for an updated look

Give your living room a quick makeover with this casually chic SureFit Duck Cotton Relaxed Fit Sofa Slipcover. Refresh your decor and protect your investment while enjoying soft, breathable cotton comfort.


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