Swarovski Kris Bear Forget Me Not Figurine


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Capture Moments with This Sparkling Swarovski Kris Bear Forget Me Not Figurine

Gifting friends and family members with this playful Swarovski Kris Bear Forget Me Not figurine allows you to commemorate life’s special moments and milestones with a glittering decoration that will be treasured for years to come. Lovingly clutching a bouquet of forget-me-not flowers, this 1 3/4″ x 1″ Kris Bear decoration dazzles with 599 facets of light-catching Swarovski crystal that infuse color and joy into any room.

Part of the collectible Swarovski Kris Bear collection, this forget-me-not figurine is designed and crafted in Austria with Swarovski’s signature precision and quality. Each piece captures the charm and emotion of the iconic Kris Bear in a new pose or scene using the brand’s advanced crystal cutting techniques. With blue and yellow crystal accents twinkling alongside clear crystal, this forget-me-not bear makes a thoughtful gift for animal lovers, Swarovski collectors, and those you hold dear.

Commemorate Milestones with This Sparkling Crystal Bear

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, new homes – there are so many milestones to celebrate in life. With its inherent meaning of remembrance and thoughtfulness, this Swarovski forget-me-not bear is a fitting commemoration of any special occasion. The crystal detailing glints gorgeously when displayed, immediately grabbing the eye. Place your Swarovski Kris Bear on a shelf, bookcase, side table or mantle to add a pop of shimmer and color to any room.

Friends and family will delight in this glistening crystal bear decoration you can customize with a personal message on the included gift tag. The Swarovski Kris Bear Forget Me Not is sure to be proudly shown and appreciated as a thoughtful memento marking a major life event or transition.

An Adorable Collectible for Animal Lovers

For animal lovers and bear aficionados, the sweet charm of this Swarovski forget-me-not bear is irresistible. Poised in a playful seated position, clear crystal facets create the illusion of fur, bringing delightful texture that sparkles brilliantly when the light hits it just right. Blue and yellow crystal accents on the bear’s paws and forget-me-not bouquet infuse cheerful color into the classic crystal bear motif.

Thishandsome 1 3/4″ x 1″ forget-me-not Kris Bear will be a treasured addition to any Swarovski crystal animal collection. Alongside other figures like the Loyal Labrador, Caring Bunny, and Golden Retriever, this crystal bear captures the whimsical nature of our furred friends in glimmering Swarovski style for the ultimate adorable display.

Swarovski Quality & Craftsmanship

With over a hundred years of crystal expertise, Swarovski is the global leader in precision-cut crystal decor. Each forget-me-not Kris Bear is crafted from start to finish at Swarovski’s headquarters in Wattens, Austria. Skilled artisans cut and polish the crystal using innovative techniques to achieve maximum sparkle and brilliance. The crystal’s unique composition and careful faceting allow it to beautifully refract and reflect light.

The Swarovski forget-me-not bear has 599 individually cut crystal facets that catch and play with light from every angle. The renowned Swarovski standard ensures the bear is perfectly proportioned with clean, elegant lines and expert attention to detail. From the precisely set crystal eyes to the lifelike fur texture, everything about this Kris Bear decoration conveys impeccable quality.

A Meaningful Gift for Loved Ones

With its touching forget-me-not bouquet, this lovable crystal bear carries a heartfelt message of remembrance, love, and appreciation that makes it a special gift for any occasion. Forgetting someone is impossible when you can look upon this glistening symbol of your bond anytime you wish. The Swarovski forget-me-not bear says “I’m thinking of you” in the most elegant, sparkling fashion.

Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and other important women will be moved by this glittering keepsake bear acquisition. It’s also a fantastic gift for dads, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and significant others. Anyone with an appreciation for adorable decor, animal motifs and Swarovski crystal will absolutely cherish this forget-me-not Kris Bear forever. The included gift box makes presenting it easy and delightful.

A Brilliant Addition to Holiday Traditions

The Swarovski Kris Bear Forget Me Not is a festive addition to holiday decorating with its celebratory mix of clear and colored crystal. Place this Santa’s little helper alongside the Christmas tree, let him peek out of a stocking, or perch him on a holiday gift display. The crystal facets magnificently catch all the festive lighting for a truly dazzling look!

This sparkling snowy bear also makes a splendid ornament or package topper. Add him to your holiday village scene, winter wonderland centerpiece, or mantel garland display to infuse extra shimmer and charm. Of course, he also shines as a splendid holiday collectible or secret Santa/white elephant gift!

However you choose to display your Swarovski forget-me-not bear, his gleaming presence will become a treasured part of your holiday traditions for years to come. He crystallizes holiday magic through the generations, commemorating precious memories with those closest to your heart.

Swarovski Kris Bear Collection

The Swarovski Kris Bear Forget Me Not is part of the much-loved Kris Bear collection featuring the brand’s signature mascot in creative new designs. Some other favorites in the series include:

Playful Cubs – A baby bear climbing a heart shape
Party Bear – Kris Bear dressed for a festive celebration
Sweet Bear Bouquet – Kris holding a floral arrangement
Puppy Love – Kris Bear hugging a puppy
Crystal Star – Sparkling decor bear figurine
Each Kris Bear brings a unique character and scene designed to inspire joy and capture the nostalgic magic of childhood. They make fantastic collector’s pieces, gifts and iconic Swarovski crystal decor additions.

The forget-me-not Kris Bear is a prestigious example of Swarovski’s charming and playful crystal animal decor. For animal lovers, Swarovski fans, and collectors, this is a dream piece to treasure and display.

Add Sparkling Style to Your DĂ©cor

This radiant Swarovski forget-me-not bear brings eye-catching elegance and shine to shelves, tabletops, cabinets and more. The multifaceted crystal catches the light, making this bear figurine a stunning decorative accent for:

Living room shelves & fireplace mantels
Bedroom dressers, nightstands & vanities
Dining room cabinets & centerpieces
Office bookcases, desks & tabletops
Bathroom counters & sconces
Kitchen windowsills & backsplashes
Nursery shelves & picture ledges
Any room glows a little brighter with this playful crystal bear decoration! The forget-me-not bouquet and adorable seated pose add plenty of character to your decor. Give your home a touch of glamour and celebrate loved ones by displaying your Swarovski Kris Bear prominently.

An Heirloom Quality Collectible

As a Swarovski collector’s item made from fine Austrian crystal, this forget-me-not bear is built to last for generations and only grow more valuable with time. The expert Swarovski craftsmanship ensures durability and long-lasting beauty as the precise cuts and finishes are designed to maintain their maximum brilliance. Made from premium leaded crystal, each facet sparkles brilliantly year after year.

Many families pass down Swarovski crystal figurines, with each generation adding to the collection. The limited editions and retirements of certain pieces, like this forget-me-not bear, increase their collectibility and worth. This gorgeous crystal bear decoration will undoubtedly be an heirloom proudly displayed and handed down to future generations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Swarovski is committed to total customer satisfaction. Each Kris Bear is carefully inspected at Swarovski’s Austria headquarters before packaging to ensure it meets their highest standards of quality. Should any defects occur, Swarovski’s warranty program enables customers to easily exchange or return figurines purchased from authorized retailers.

Additionally, the Swarovski Crystal Society, the brand’s exclusive customer program, extends special care to collectors through personalized service, special ordering access, and VIP treatment. You can buy and collect with total confidence knowing Swarovski stands behind their products and collectors.

A Sparkling Gift That Wows

This Swarovski forget-me-not Kris Bear makes a truly spectacular gift. Arriving in the iconic Swarovski packaging, its clear lid reveals the glimmering bear inside for an amazing reveal. The premium black box enhances the anticipation, with the crystal bear decoration inside exceeding all expectations.

The Swarovski story began over 120 years ago with founder Daniel Swarovski’s inventive crystal cutting techniques. Today, the brand is instantly recognized globally as the pinnacle of quality and brilliance. Give a gift worthy of the Swarovski legacy that will be cherished forever.

With its touching forget-me-not bouquet and impeccable crystal craftsmanship, this delightful Kris Bear is a gift that wows every time. Let it commemorate a special bond or milestone with glimmering style!


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