TACHILC Eye Catching Bamboo Beaded Curtain – Natural Woven Art for Doorways


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Let your doorway come to life with this beautifully handcrafted bamboo beaded curtain. With its natural bamboo material and meticulous hand-painted design, this curtain is truly a unique work of art.

An Eye-Catching Display

This bamboo curtain will instantly catch the eyes of your guests. At 35.5″ x 78″, it fits standard doorways and makes a statement in any entryway. The curtain is woven from 90 individual bamboo strands, each delicately hand-painted in a detailed design. The image is visible from both sides and any angle, unlike printed alternatives. As the strands sway in the breeze, the curtain seems to move on its own and create a peaceful, soothing sound.

Natural & Sustainable Bamboo

The TACHILC bamboo curtain is crafted from 100% natural and renewable bamboo. Bamboo is known for its strength, durability, and sustainability, making it the perfect material for a long-lasting beaded curtain. The natural golden tones of the bamboo complement any decor scheme. This is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials.

Bohemian Inspired Art

This TACHILC curtain features a beautiful eye design reminiscent of psychedelic and boho-chic styles. The abstract pattern is full of whimsical details that give your doorway a fun, artistic element. Let this special hand-painted motif give your home a dash of free-spirited bohemian inspiration.

Breezy & Functional

While decorative, this bamboo curtain also serves many practical purposes. It allows air circulation between rooms while providing a bit of visual separation. The swaying beads muffle sound and lend a peaceful atmosphere wherever installed. Light passes through the gaps, preventing dark gloomy spaces. Use it over closets, doors, hallways, or as a room divider.

Quick & Easy Installation

With dimensions of 35.5” x 78″, this curtain is designed to fit standard interior doorways. It comes ready to hang with two metal rings attached to a flat bamboo bar at the top. Use the included nails to securely mount the bar above your doorway. No complicated installation necessary!

Handcrafted Uniqueness

No two TACHILC beaded curtains are exactly alike. Each strand is painted individually by artisans, so there are slight charming variations in every curtain. You can be assured of receiving a completely one-of-a-kind piece.

Thoughtful Housewarming Gift

Surprise a loved one with this beautifully unique handmade gift. With its creative artwork and bohemian style, this bamboo curtain makes a wonderful housewarming or holiday gift for family, friends, or neighbors. It’s sure to be a beloved new addition to any home.

With its natural materials, breezy function, and hand-painted art, the TACHILC beaded curtain brings personality and tranquility to doorways. Invite this special woven accent into your home or gift it to a decor lover. See for yourself how a simple curtain can be an eye-catching work of art.

Order the TACHILC bamboo beaded curtain today to add handcrafted style to your home!


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